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Please don’t smack us… but Chapter 35 has been skipped over due to the author’s broadcasting engagement…

We’re leaving it as is so that we don’t mess up the chapter numbering… hurhur..

Chapter 36: Immortal Spirit Fruit

Mysterious Ice Canyon ——

It was evening but the surroundings were brightly lit by countless numbers of torches, making the surroundings as bright as day.

However, not a soul was in sight——

There was a strange kind of silence.

Feng Wu’s gaze moved back and forth all around, yet didn’t discover any peculiarity.

“You guys look, in that area——” On Feng Xun’s good-looking face, his sword shaped brows rose as a pleasantly surprised expression appeared.

Everyone followed along the direction of his pointing finger and turned to see that on the very high precipice, a bright light like a cluster of stars flit by.

That was clearly——–

“Immortal Spirit Fruit!” Xuan Yi cried out in surprise. “The Immortal Spirit Fruit is just like a cluster of stars in the night sky.”

“Right! That’s right!” Feng Xun almost jumped up and down excitedly. “Ha ha ha, that should be where the Immortal Spirit Fruit is, if I’m not mistaken, that flash just now was clearly the Immortal Spirit Fruit!”

“However, what’s going on with the surroundings?” Xuan Yi’s brows wrinkled slightly. “Seems as if it’s been ransacked. It appears that an unprecedented battle had taken place.”

And at present, Feng Wu’s pair of star like eyes were currently staring unblinkingly at that overhanging cliff reaching to the heavens, fixed at that bit of star cluster on top of the precipice. That’s correct, it was precisely the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s location. These past few years, Feng Wu has always been watching the Immortal Spirit Fruit attentively, because as long as she obtained it, she could refine the Nine Spirit Reversal Pill, as long as she swallowed it, she could then start her cultivation anew! To restart her cultivation, sigh……to recover her identity as the heaven defying Young girl, to Feng Wu……this enticement was too great, so great she almost could not stand still as excitement filled her entire being.

Her eyes shined as the hands concealed within her sleeves clenched into fists.

But in the next second, Feng Wu realized that something wasn’t right.

According to what she’d observed previously, next to the Immortal Spirit Fruit, there was supposed to be an incomparably large, Saint Jade Python that was capable of making people tremble with fear.

Everytime that Feng Wu wanted to approach closer, she’d always been thwarted by the Saint Jade Python’s cold qi, so that she had no choice but to retreat……to simply return empty handed.

However, at present, she surprisingly didn’t see even a shadow of Saint Jade Python, nor did she sense its breath……this was too strange.

Jun Lin Yuan’s thin lips opened slightly. “He’s actually not completely useless.”

“What?” Feng Xun started to be puzzled, but very quickly, his eyes then shined. “Boss Jun! It’s you, right? This time you schemed against Yu Ming Ye again? It’s the elders he brought who met with that Saint Jade Python and drew it away, right? !”

Jun Lin Yuan again uttered ‘mm’d indifferently.

Feng Xun’s heart couldn’t help but observe a moment of silence for Yu Ming Ye.

This young man…….each time he crossed with Boss Jun, he’s been dizzyingly played running in circles, only to suffer defeat in the end, yet kept on fighting despite setbacks.

Feng Xun said. “That’s quite strange, if Yu Ming Ye’s people led the Saint Jade Python away, why hasn’t he picked the Immortal Spirit Fruit?”

A faint smile appeared on Jun Lin Yuan’s charming, godlike, unique features, without speaking at all.

In the next second——Jun Lin Yuan’s figure already rose steeply, his feet stepping on the overhanging cliff, his figure quickly rose vertically towards the moon.

In merely a moment, his figure already dashed up a great distance.

Feng Xun watched enviously. He and Xuan Yi glanced at each other. “Let’s go!”

Finished speaking, the two of them light footedly also stepped upon the overhanging cliff. Their bodies rapidly ran vertically towards the moon just like arrows which left their bowstrings.

Such fast martial arts!

Feng Wu’s eyes stared unblinkingly at their silhouettes getting smaller and smaller. Her eyes radiated with a blossoming burning hot excitement, she very tightly clenched her fists, brilliant rays of light shined within her pupils!

Immortal Spirit Fruit……her Immortal Spirit Fruit!

Author’s note. PS: I’ve written 2000 words, but I feel that the storyline isn’t interesting, consequently, I threw it out and rewrote it~~I’ve finally thought of a very interesting play ~~ I’ll continue to grind out the words, there’s still three chapters ~~ everyone sleep earlier~

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