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Published at 19th of January 2020 03:05:06 PM
Chapter 348: 348

Chapter 348: The Proud Crown Prince

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“So, Zuo Qingluan is going to be the crown prince’s wife and our future empress!”

Feng Wu listened as the others went on murmuring .

Feng Liu looked at Feng Wu, gloating at the latter’s predicament .

She would like to see how much longer Feng Wu could keep her composure under all those stares .

However, to Feng Liu’s surprise, Feng Wu looked as undisturbed as ever, as if those people weren’t talking about her at all .

Ladies at another table heard the talk as well .

“You flatter me . My Xiao Luan isn’t like that at all . She’s only just become a Spiritual Elder . ”

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Zuo Qingluan’s mother, Lady Tao, who was from the Tao clan of Ruyang, waved her hand in a modest manner .

“A Spiritual Elder? That’s amazing! We can’t even imagine ever reaching that level!”

The other ingratiating voices chimed in .

Another person asked, “So, is the royal engagement proposal really happening?”

Lady Tao shook her head . “No, it’s nothing like that . Granny Qi, the empress dowager’s maid, paid us a visit, that was all . ”

“Granny Qi? That’s the empress dowager’s most trusted servant! One word from her is more convincing than a lengthy speech from anyone else!”

“Granny Qi would never visit the Zuo manor for no reason . I’m sure it was on the empress dowager’s command . ”

“The Zuo family is really going to have a true phoenix!”

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The flattery went on and on . Lady Tao kept waving her hands in denial, but she couldn’t keep the gloating smile off her face .

The crown prince’s residence .

Jun Linyuan had two residences, one in the royal palace and the one outside .

He usually stayed in the one outside .

Xuan Yi paid him a visit today .

Feng Xun didn’t come with Xuan Yi, which was quite rare, so Jun Linyuan asked about it in passing .

Xuan Yi said, “Sir Yan’s mother is celebrating her 80th birthday today and Feng Xun is a relative, so his mother ordered him to attend . I don’t think he’ll come hunting with us today . ”

Xuan Yi realized that Jun Linyuan wasn’t listening .

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The crown prince, who had always been focused, was playing with a shiny golden bead in his hand, and his mind had wandered off .

This wasn’t right at all!

Xuan Yi frowned . “Where did that bead come from?”

He reached out as he spoke . Usually, Jun Linyuan would hand it to him in passing, regardless of how valuable the object was . However —

Jun Linyuan closed his fingers around the bead, looked up, and raised his eyebrows . “Where’s Feng Xun?”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

“He’s visiting the Yan family . Sir Yan is holding a birthday banquet . Do you want to go?” Xuan Yi asked .

Jun Linyuan gave Xuan Yi an “are you an idiot” look . Since when would he bother going to a birthday banquet?

“By the way, I ran into the Feng clan’s carriage on my way here . Lady Wang was taking Feng Liu to the banquet, and when the breeze lifted the curtain, I saw Feng Wu inside, too,” Xuan Yi said attentively .

He kept his unblinking gaze on Jun Linyuan as he spoke, not wanting to miss anything .

Jun Linyuan frowned a little and tightened his grip on the golden bead .

“Birthday banquet at the Yan manor?” Jun Linyuan darted a glance at Feng .

Feng took the hint right away and nodded . “Sir Yan sent an invitation, but everyone knows that such an event is too petty for Your Royal Highness to attend, and the invitation was just out of politeness . ”

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything .

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