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Chapter 347: 347

“Mrs Yan is back? That was quicker than I thought . ” Feng Wu remembered that Mrs Yan had taken Mrs Ning back to Anyuan City to seek justice for the latter .

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Feng Wu’s murmur attracted the attention of the others .

There were six seats around the round table Feng Wu was at .

Lady Wang, Feng Liu, and Feng Wu took three seats, and three other ladies sat on the other three .

They were a mother with her two teenage daughters .

“Mrs Feng, is this one of your girls? She’s so lovely . Is she engaged yet?” The longer Mrs Ma looked at Feng Wu, the more beautiful she found Feng Wu . It would be wonderful to have such a daughter-in-law .

Hence, Mrs Ma asked .

Before Lady Wang could reply, Feng Liu said with a smile, “Mrs Ma, this is my fifth sister, Feng Wu —”

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She made sure that she enunciated Feng Wu’s name .

Mrs Ma found the name familiar, but failed to put her finger on it . “Feng Wu… Feng Wu…”

Feng Liu was about to remind her when the older Miss Ma took her mother’s hand and whispered something in her ear .

Mrs Ma looked embarrassed right away .

Lady Wang only appeared to hear the question then and gave Mrs Ma a benign smile . “This is Xiao Wu, the daughter of the second branch of our clan . She’s not engaged yet . Mrs Ma…”

Mrs Ma’s younger daughter said arrogantly, “Mrs Feng, you’ve left something out . Miss Wu isn’t ‘not engaged . ’ Her engagement was annulled . ”

All the ladies here were ready for some gossip .

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Hearing the noise, all eyes began to turn in their direction .

Mrs Ma gave her younger daughter an embarrassed smile . “Well, that was… I’m just asking…”

Lady Wang seemed to not detect her embarrassment at all and she prompted, “Mrs Ma, I recall that you have an 18-year-old son…”

The younger Miss Ma glared at Lady Wang . “Mrs Feng, our family isn’t interested in a woman with an annulled engagement and my brother will never marry someone like that! Please stop asking!”

Lady Wang darted a sorry look at Feng Wu and heaved a sigh .

Feng Wu watched as Lady Wang gave her award-winning performance and she could detect more and more eyes on her .

And she could hear people talking about her in subdued voices .

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“So, that’s Feng Wu —”

“Back then, she was the genius second to the crown prince only!”

“I heard she got greedy with her cultivation and ruined herself . ”

“And the royal family canceled the engagement . ”

“That was quite a snobbish thing to do . ”

“No, it wasn’t . The crown prince is like a deity; would you be able to stand it if he married a cripple?”

“Of course not!”

“Wait, wasn’t there another girl as talented as Feng Wu back then? Zuo Qingyun of the Zuo family?”

“She’s Zuo Qingluan now . The real owner of the True Phoenix Blood!”

“I heard that Zuo Qingluan has reached the peak of the Spiritual Grandmaster stage?”

“You need to update your database . She’s not a Spiritual Grandmaster anymore, but a Spiritual Elder!”

“Holy crap! That’s so scary! She’s only 15, isn’t she?”

“That’s right . And only a genius like her is good enough for the crown prince . Word on the street is that the royal family is considering a marriage proposal to the Zuo family . ”

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