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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:19 PM
Chapter 340

The crown prince was supposed to watch the world fall apart without so much as turning a hair . What did His Majesty used to say about his son?

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The emperor had concluded that the crown prince would frown even if the emperor himself died in front of him . However, he was now acting like a grumpy kid…

Yes, and he was complaining as well .

That was something that had never happened before!

Just when Chang San thought that hearing Jun Linyuan complaining was shocking enough —


There was a loud thump!

Chang San watched as his master kicked a table to pieces .


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Was he seeing things? What happened to their crown prince? He didn’t act so childish or willfully even when he was three years old… But now, he was venting on a table?

Chang San couldn’t help but follow Miss Wu with his eyes .

Feng came out soon .

Taking Feng’s arm, Chang San asked in amazement, “Mr . Feng, His Royal Highness… is acting so strangely today . ”

Feng darted a glance at him . “What are you getting at?”

“Mr . Feng, here’s what I think . ” Chang San offered his opinion . “Since His Royal Highness is so mad at Miss Wu, how about I cut her head off to cheer him up?”


Chang San’s muscles stiffened and he felt as if his blood had curdled!

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Feng’s indifferent gaze suddenly turned very solemn and intense!

Staring at Chang San, he stressed each word with a voice that wasn’t loud, but was terrifying .

“You’re welcome to try if you want to get yourself, your family, and your entire clan killed . ”

Feng left after that, leaving Chang San behind, transfixed .

He kept replaying Feng’s words in his head…

In other words, if he killed Miss Wu, he would die, together with his family and the whole clan?!

Feng Wu had no idea of what happened after she left .

She was mad, really mad .

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After all her efforts, she had just been one step short of success .

Jun Linyuan had robbed her of the abnormal flame she had painstakingly gathered and had given her that attitude of “I’m doing it for your own good . ” It couldn’t be any more frustrating!

Feng Wu was so furious that she still looked pissed when she jumped over the wall into her own yard .

Granny Zhao was startled by the look on Feng Wu’s face . “Miss, you heard as well?”

“What?” Feng Wu was bewildered . “Where’s mum?”

Granny Zhao looked upset . “She’s been crying since she heard the news and I was finally able to put her to sleep after she got exhausted . ”

Feng Wu’s heart sank . Something had happened .

“What’s wrong? Did someone come this afternoon? Was it Lady Wang?” Feng Wu drew out a chair and let Granny Zhao sit down .

With a grim face, Granny Zhao told her about Feng Yanfeng’s visit . “… Your uncle said that we need to get you prepared . He’ll find a chance to get you close to the crown prince so that you can offer yourself to him as a concubine . ”

Feng Wu shook with anger!

How dare he!

“Miss Wu, where are you going?” Granny Zhao feared that Feng Wu would get told off if she went to Feng Yanfeng to argue with him .

Feng Wu took a deep breath . “I’m going to take a walk . ”

She wasn’t going to shout at Feng Yanfeng, for she knew her sycophantic uncle too well . To him, his personal gain was more important than anything else .

What she needed to figure out now was whether Feng Yanfeng had come up with this on his own or whether Jun Linyuan was behind it .

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