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Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Yu Ming Ye

The Black Luminary Wolf pack let out a fit of restless roars, turned and in a flash, their bodies already changed direction. Swish woosh woosh, they all ran away like rays of light!

Feng Xun, who was ready for a blood-soaked fight at any moment: “……”

Meanwhile, Yu Ming Ye, who’s already set himself up within a mysterious ice canyon, only felt a moment of sweetness well up in his throat before blood oozed out at the corners of his mouth.

“Heh heh, Jun Lin Yuan, oh, Jun Lin Yuan. I didn’t expect that you’d break my beast control arts so quickly, and even forced this backlash on me, deserving of a crown prince whose anger could cause the world to change!” Yu Ming Ye was holding a piece of straw in his mouth as the corners curved into an unruly demonic sneer. He turned towards the faintly discernible stars above

the sheer cliffs complacently. “However this time, you’re already too late, the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s destined to be mine!”

Done talking, Yu Ming Ye hands grabbed at the cliff, as his body leapt upwards rapidly. Very quickly, he disappeared into the boundless night sky.

At the present moment, Jun Lin Yuan was with their group as they hurried in the dark.

The more Feng Xun thought about it, the more worried he became, he ran to Jun Lin Yuan’s side to ask. “Boss Jun, what’s the situation now? Don’t tell me that Yu Ming Ye already arrived at the Mysterious Iceberg Valley.”

Jun Lin Yuan’s gaze was serene and hidden in depth. “Mm.”

“That can’t be? !” Feng Xun was so anxious, he almost jumped up. “Yu Ming Ye already arrived in the Mysterious Ice Canyon? The Immortal Spirit Fruit grows in Mysterious Ice Canyon, my dear Boss! You’re not worried that he’s going to take the initiative

initiative in removing the Immortal Spirit Fruit? How can you still be so calm?”

“Improbable.” Jun Lin Yuan cherished words like gold, but his voice contained a kind of imposing might.

“Why are you so sure?” Feng Xun was a bit worried. “That Yu Ming Ye is as famous as you are, the Yu Ming Ye who’s a match for you in all respects, the Dark Court’s esteemed heir, he’s not simple at all!”

Jun Lin Yuan knitted his brows, that pair of impressive eyes shot a glance at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun speechlessly supported his forehead in his hand. “Fine fine fine, he’s the Yu Ming Ye who doesn’t deserve to be as famous as you are, the Yu Ming Ye whose strength is a level lower than yours, but this Yu Ming Ye is truly very difficult to handle!”

Feng Wu was somewhat curious. “Is Yu Ming Ye very scary?”

The minute Feng Wu asked, Feng Xun’s switch

Xun’s switch turned on. He unhappily said. “Yu Ming Ye is supported by a group of elders willing to sacrifice their lives. He already possessed outstanding innate skill, powerful strength second only to Boss Jun. Furthermore, these people’s conduct are sometimes nefariously demonic, uninhibited, sometimes rampant and overbearing, sometimes they even ignore all worldly conventions, never acting according to reason. What’s most despicable is that no matter what our Boss Jun does, Yu Ming Ye would come out to mess things up, just like this time with the Immortal Spirit Fruit. He may have no use for it, but because our Boss Jun wanted it, he’ll insist coming out to wreck it! He’s simply too annoying!”

Feng Wu rubbed her chin. “Hearing this, it seems this Yu Ming Ye……is attached to Boss Jun?”

“Isn’t that so?” Feng Xun unhappily said. “Obsessively attached and even always wants to make his existence known, tell me, is that annoying or that annoying or not?”

Feng Wu rubbed her chin. “Why do I feel……that it’s a bit cute?”

“Yeah, right! Cute my ass!” Feng Xun flicked Feng Wu’s forehead fiercely. “That’s right, if you happen to face this Yu Ming Ye later, run as far as you can.”

“Why?” Feng Wu was full of curiosity.

“His pair of romantic, demonically enchanting, soul hooking, soul absorbing eyes, any young lady who’s seen them will fall one by one. This simply can’t be overstated, otherwise, how do you think he can be as famous as our Boss Jun? If it weren’t for his ability to arouse the ladies? That’s why for your own safety, run as fast as you can if you see him. Understand?” Feng Xun earnestly instructed.

“Oh.” Yet Feng Wu didn’t take his words to heart at all.

While they were talking, everyone already arrived at the border to Mysterious Ice Canyon, but at this moment, they saw——-

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