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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:21 PM
Chapter 334

Feng Wu was trembling all over . She was completely absorbed in the kiss and had forgotten all about herself and where she was… All she knew was that she had to keep sucking that fire out of Jun Linyuan and she wouldn’t let go of his tongue!

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Jun Linyuan tried to stop several times, but Feng Wu wouldn’t allow it!

Before they realized it, Feng Wu was on the top and straddling Jun Linyuan!

The crown prince was completely baffled…

He knew that Feng Wu liked him, but he had no idea that Feng Wu was so… crazy about him!

It was as if… she wanted to eat him whole . How wild…

“97%! 98%! 99%! 100%! Ahhh —”

As soon as Little Phoenix cried out that last syllable —

Feng Wu felt as if a fireball had exploded in her head .

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Rumble —

Feng Wu, who had lost herself in the kiss, slumped back all of a sudden . She let go of Jun Linyuan and almost fell over .

The crown prince was going to taunt Feng Wu, but he immediately realized that something wasn’t right .

“Feng Wu! Little Feng Wu! Wake up —”

Feng Wu lay still on the floor with her eyes shut and her face pale . She was barely breathing!

The crown prince, who had always been able to keep his composure no matter what, was flustered for the first time!

Lifting the curtain of his carriage, he cried out, “We’re going back! Now!”

Chang San was the one driving the carriage .

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He was deeply perturbed by the fear in the crown prince’s voice!

Fear? The crown prince that could terrorize his victims with just the sound of his name was actually capable of expressing fear? Chang San couldn’t imagine it!

He had only just been able to turn the horses around when he felt the carriage become lighter . Looking back, he saw that Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu were no longer inside .

“Your Royal Highness!” Chang San cried out in surprise!

However, with Feng Wu in his arms, Jun Linyuan had already jumped onto the roof!

The streets of the imperial capital were planned in such a way that they all led in one direction . The eastern main street could lead one straight to the Forbidden City!

Right now, a figure skimmed over the roofs along the eastern main road at lightning speed, so fast that those who spotted it thought that they were hallucinating .

Jun Linyuan had wrapped Feng Wu in his thick cape as he ran along the edges of the roofs, so as to keep her from the cold rain .

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The royal palace, the bureau of physicians .

It was safe to say that the best medicine refiners of all in the imperial capital, if not the entire Junwu Empire, worked here .

The most junior ones here were Senior Medicine Refiners and the majority were of the Master level . As for the head of the bureau, he was a Master Refiner .

Right now, the medicine refiners were discussing the Empress Dowager’s malady .

“Her Majesty caught a cold, that’s all . You’re overdoing it with your prescription . ” Master Bai frowned .

“A cold? That’s just the superficial symptoms . Her Majesty has long been suffering from a hidden disease that this cold is going to set off . If I’ve guessed correctly, a series of symptoms will follow —” Master Hei frowned .

The heated discussion continued when —


Someone kicked the door hard .

The bureau was a well-equipped institute, but the thick door plate came off at that kick!

“Who is that?!”

“How dare you act wildly in this place? Do you have a death wish?!”

However, they saw the crown prince when they turned to look . He stood there like a fiend, giving off a bone-chilling air .


Everyone blanched, especially Masters Bai and Hei, who had scolded the intruder . Both fell to their knees .

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