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Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Jun Lin Yuan Showed His Power

In the dark of night, midair. Seeing one after another incomparably strong and muscular Black Luminary Wolf, seeing their deep green wolf eyes, simply made a person tremble with fear!

“How’s there so many Black Luminary Wolves?” Even Feng Xun was shocked by this scene before him!

He could handle eighty or a hundred of them, but these thousands or tens of thousands of Black Luminary Wolves, this was going to be a fierce, blood-soaked battle!

“You……” Feng Xun turned his head around towards Feng Wu, his expression grave and apprehensive. “The present circumstance is too grim compared to before, always stay by my side, got it? !”

Feng Wu had never seen Feng Xun so solemn and grave.

Thousands to ten thousands of Black Luminary Wolves……Feng

Wu smiled bitterly, even if she had the repelling chemical compound, it’d also be useless. Looks like this time, they’re truly in trouble.

Xuan Yi knit his brows. “How’s there so many Black Luminary Wolves? Looking at their appearance, it seems all of them are going berserk?”

Jun Lin Yuan’s pair of bitingly cold, keen eyes, dangerously narrowed, he voiced an ‘mm’.

Everyone simultaneously turned to Jun Lin Yuan.

Furthermore, Feng Xun subconsciously asked aloud. “These Black Luminary Wolves couldn’t be……manipulated by people from the Dark Court, right? Yu Ming Ye?”

A cold chill appeared in Jun Lin Yuan’s pair of malicious black eyes. He calmly again voiced an ‘mm’.

“It’s indeed Yu Ming Ye. It’s rumored that he can control tens of thousands of beasts. I previously thought that it’s a lie. I can’t believe

believe it’s actually true! At present, he surprisingly can already manipulate such a large number of Black Luminary Wolves, this is simply too scary!” Feng Xun repeatedly sighed, deeply moved.

However, Feng Wu clearly perceived that Jun Lin Yuan shot Feng Xun a glance filled with pity. That was pity for Feng Xun’s IQ.

“Therefore, that rumored Yu Ming Ye controlled the leader of this pack of wolves. After that, he controlled the entire Black Luminary Wolf pack through the lead wolf?” Feng Wu provided further details to the clueless Feng Xun.

Jun Lin Yuan shot a glance at Feng Wu.

Feng Xun excitedly rubbed the palms of his hands together. “Right! That must be it! That certainly must be it!”

“Let’s go.” Jun Lin Yuan didn’t waste any words. His voice was deep and low,

and low, steady and powerful.


Black Luminary Wolves spread as far as the eyes could see, how were they to go? Confusion appeared within Feng Wu’s mind.


Feng Xun knocked at Feng Wu’s bright and clean forehead forcefully, Feng Wu painfully buried her face, and glared at Feng Xun in a puzzled manner.

Feng Xun responded. “Don’t worry, based on my many years of experience, as long as Boss Jun has spoken, no matter how outrageous something sounds, it’ll still be accomplished in the end, let’s go.”

Feng Wu followed by Feng Xun’s side, after that, she saw a scene that amazed her to no end.

Jun Lin Yuan walked forward as if he was taking a stroll through the garden, treating the Black Luminary Wolves as if they were air.

The leader at the very front of very front of the Black Luminary Wolf pack, whose ruthless scarlet eyes unwaveringly stared at Jun Lin Yuan, was prepared at all times to rush forward and fight him to the death!

The entire Black Luminary Wolf pack also howled ‘awoo awoo’ provocatively, yet they were forced back by Jun Lin Yuan’s imposing manner and couldn’t help but retreat step by step.

The wolf eyes staring at Jun Lin Yuan were brimming with both reverence and dread.

They didn’t understand why their wolf leader wanted to force them to provoke this young human who made their entire body tremble, they didn’t want to die……

All of a sudden, the Black Luminary Wolf leader’s gaze moved, that pair of originally ruthless bloody eyes regained its clarity.

Suddenly, the wolf leader’s voice echoed in the desolate night air.

“Howl awoo awoo~~~~”

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