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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:26 PM
Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Bao Er’s Cat

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Feng Wu thought she was going to have a stroke . “I don’t need it!”

“Too late . ”

“I was never in love with you!”

“Keep lying and you’ll never see Feng Xiaoqi again . ”

Feng Wu: !!!

“I’m a medicine refiner . ” Feng Wu looked at Jun Linyuan earnestly, her eyes sparkling . “I can help you with Bao Er’s illness, but you have to give me back my brother . ”

“No . ”

“Jun Linyuan! You have Bao Er already! Why won’t you leave me alone? You should be loyal to her! You’re betraying her love!” Feng Wu clenched her fists in anger .

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Jun Linyuan gave Feng Wu an ineffable look, as if he had just heard something idiotic .

“Was it something I said?” Feng Wu was baffled .

Jun Linyuan’s eyes looked like bottomless pools .

He rose to his feet all of a sudden and Feng Wu was back on her feet . Instinctively, she stumbled back until she was several meters away from Jun Linyuan . She then stood there, on high alert .

Jun Linyuan walked out of the room without giving her another look .

So, this Bao Er was really a taboo subject that couldn’t be mentioned at all? So much so that he would storm off at the sound of the name?

If that was the case, that girl would also be his soft spot, which meant that it would be something Feng Wu could take advantage of . Jun Linyuan wasn’t that unassailable teenager anymore .

“What are you thinking?” Jun Linyuan halted and turned around to look at Feng Wu .

The sun shone behind him, throwing his face into sharp relief . In that glow, his face looked even more enchanting!

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“Come here . ” Jun Linyuan beckoned at Feng Wu, as if he was summoning a pet .

Feng Wu decided to ignore him!

Jun Linyuan snickered . “Do I have to do everything myself?”

Only then did Feng Wu remember Jun Linyuan’s ability to draw her toward him from a distance away .

Feng Wu dashed to his side as soon as he raised an arm and she looked up at him with her limpid eyes . “I can walk myself!”

She reminded him so much of Bao Er’s cat, an adorable but stubborn little thing .

Jun Linyuan put his big hand on Feng Wu’s head . She was still a child and her head barely reached his shoulders . She had just a hint of childish roundness left around her chin, which made her face as plump as a steamed bun, tempting him to give it a bite .

The crown prince never stretched himself thin . He had reacted clumsily to his feelings only because he had never felt this way before .

And he was a very quick learner .

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Taking Feng Wu’s delicate chin between his fingers, he bent down and aimed his mouth at her plump cheek .

Feng Wu was furious!

What was wrong with this man? Was she some kind of food now? Not only did he kiss her, he had to suck her cheek as if he was eating some succulent thing?

Feng Wu stomped down on Jun Linyuan’s foot .

She was wearing lambskin boots that day with solid heels and she spared no effort!

However, Jun Linyuan wasn’t that easily defeated . With a flip of his foot, he tripped Feng Wu and the girl fell toward him .

The crown prince gave her a mesmerizing smile . “Despite what you say, your body is very honest .

Pfft —

Feng Wu almost choked on her own spit .

The next thing she knew, Jun Linyuan had thrown her over his shoulder and marched out of the room .

“Put me down! Put me down!”

Jun Linyuan carried Feng Wu over one shoulder and her head hung down behind his back . He steadied her by putting a hand on her buttocks as he walked down the stairs .

Outside the door —

Ten guards stood there waiting in a line!

Chang San, the captain, was dumbfounded when he saw the crown prince carry Miss Wu out that way…

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