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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:27 PM
Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Where Is My Brother?

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Feng Wu rubbed her forehead . “Get to the point . ”

Feng Xun explained in excitement as he followed Feng Wu up the stairs . “The first nine floors of this building are called ‘nine heavens,’ and the higher the floor one wants to visit, the more influential one has to be . The entry level for the bottom floor is a seventh-ranked official or the owner of a medium-scale business . ”

Seeing how excited Feng Xun was, Feng Wu was starting to get a rough idea of who the owner of World Tower was…

“Take Feng Yanfeng, your uncle, as an example . Someone like him can only go up as high as the sixth floor . ”

Feng Yanfeng could only go as far as the sixth floor? If Feng Wu remembered correctly, her uncle worked in the Ministry of Rites as a Ceremonial Master and was a third-ranked official in the imperial capital . But he could go no higher than the sixth floor?

Feng Wu shook her head . “You braggart . ”

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“I’m not!” Feng Xun snapped . “Your uncle is entertaining his guest, the respectful Mr Yan, up there . He wasn’t sure he could get to the seventh floor, so he came to ask me for help . Since he’s your uncle, I did him a favor and made an exception for him, and gave him access to Seventh Heaven . Come with me if you don’t believe me . I’ll take you to him . ”

Feng Xun really showed Feng Wu the seventh floor after that .

The corridor of the seventh floor was decorated with peculiar murals, and the first thing Feng Wu noticed was a painting depicting a sudden downpour .


Feng Wu’s eyes flickered . The painting didn’t seem special at first glance, but she sensed something on the second . After observing it closely, Feng Wu saw that it wasn’t any ordinary rainfall, but a shower of swords!

Feng Xun explained to Feng Wu with a gloating smile, “Each floor has different menus and different murals . The density of the spiritual essence differs from one floor to the other as well . The customers are strictly stratified here and that’s why everyone tries their best to move up the floors —”

They arrived outside a private room as they spoke .

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And they could faintly make out the conversation inside .

“You flatter me, Sir Yan . Your daughter is smart and lovely and she’s sure to have a bright future . Here’s to your daughter .

“Sir Yan, of course you’re not old . You’re three years younger than me .

“Sir Yan…”

The person’s tone was filled with fulsome flattery, but he wasn’t doing a very good job at making his ingratiating words convincing enough .

That voice belonged to none other than Feng Yanfeng, Feng Wu’s uncle .

“Sir Yan is my eldest aunt’s husband,” said Feng Xun . “Your uncle works in the Ministry of Rites, but that’s not a very lucrative department and has little real power . So, he wants to get transferred to the Ministry of Official Personnel — it just so happens that the post of assistant minister there needs to be filled .

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“Your uncle is the assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites, so giving him that same position in a different ministry is doable, but the Ministry of Official Personnel has always been a popular one and everyone beats down the door to get it… How about I talk to my uncle for you?”

Feng Wu never liked her uncle that much, so she shook her head . “Don’t bother . ”

Feng Xun only thought that Feng Wu was being polite and he chuckled . “My uncle can make it happen, although it’ll need some maneuvering . I can always go ask Boss Jun for help . It’ll be a piece of cake for him . ”

Jun Linyuan? Feng Wu felt her temper rise at the mention of that name . She declined the offer again with an emotionless tone . “No thanks . ”

Feng Xun tried to be persuasive . “Little Feng Wu, don’t be so stubborn . With your dad missing, your uncle is the only one who represents your clan . Your status will rise with him . ”

Feng Xun had little idea of the complicated relationships in the Feng clan .

Feng Wu stared at him . “Why is my dad missing?”

“Well… how am I supposed to know that?”

“And what about my brother?” Feng Wu kept her gaze on Feng Xun .

“Right —” Only then was Feng Xun reminded of Feng Xiaoqi and he slapped the back of his head . “You know what? I still have that thing I need to take care of and off I go —”

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