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Chapter 32

Chapter 32: She’ll Come Back.

Butler Feng’s ice-cold gaze fixed at Mu Yao and walked to the patch of ground not far away.

Feng Wu’s heart trembled!

The place Butler Feng arrived at, was exactly where she pulled Mu Yao and both of them tumbled amidst the wolf pack!

Butler Feng’s eyes drew back calmly, as if he saw through everything in the world. Nothing in the world could affect his state of mind. He spoke indifferently. “Here, this first footprint is Miss Mu’s, the second footprint belongs to Miss Feng. These series of footsteps, the deep one in front, and shallow one behind, it’s clear that Miss Mu rushed forward, after that, here, two footprints……it’s very clear, it’s Miss Mu charging into Miss Feng, wanting to pull Miss Feng into the wolf pack, however Miss Feng avoided

it. The second time, Miss Mu wanted to push miss Feng into the wolf pack……”

Butler Feng stared at the footprints left on the ground, serenely opened his mouth and declared, just the same as if he saw it with his own eyes.

Feng Wu turned towards Butler Feng’s gaze, her pupils constricted slightly……

She always knew that Jun Lin Yuan wasn’t to be trifled with, but didn’t expect that the butler by his side was also so formidable……when she did things in the future, she silently vowed to be more careful than careful, more cautious than cautious.

Feng Wu’s heart was on guard as she discreetly clenched her fists.

Fairy Mu Yao’s complexion was deathly pale, like snow, the color of her lips also completely lacked any trace of red, her body on the verge of collapse.

Every sentence from

from Butler Feng was like a slap on her face, ruthlessly struck at her face, struck such that her cheeks were painfully hot.

Fairy Mu Yao raised her head and saw Jun Lin Yuan’s cold and detached, godlike, exceptional face: She saw cousin Xuan Yi’s completely unconcealed disappointment towards her: She saw Feng Xun’s anger towards her: She saw Feng Wu……

“Aah!” Fairy Mu Yao fell apart. She wrapped her head and screamed loudly. “I admit that Butler Feng is right! I indeed deliberately wanted to pull Little Fifth into the wolf pack! Because I wanted to probe her cultivation! Because I suspect that she’s a spy!”

“Shut up!” In the end, even Xuan Yi also could no longer tolerate her and snapped at her.

“Cousin, even you don’t believe me? You guys will regret it, you guys will regret

will regret it for sure!” Fairy Mu Yao lost so much face before her Prince Charming, how could her pride allow her to continue to stay with them and act as if nothing happened? Therefore, she wrapped her hands around her head and wailed while she ran away.

Feng Xun glanced at Xuan Yi. “You’re not chasing?”

Xuan Yi was somewhat at a loss, his brows furrowed.

Jun Lin Yuan, who’d always treated words like gold, suddenly spoke. “She’ll return.”

Everybody doubtfully turned towards Jun Lin Yuan.

Feng Xun stroked his nose. “I feel that if she still has any self-respect, she shouldn’t reappear for a short time.”

Jun Lin Yuan didn’t bother to argue and merely turned and stood up, the sleeves of his robe fluttered in the wind.

The outline of the side of his face was absolutely gorgeous, like jade, luxuriously like jade, luxuriously handsome, his mannerisms were even more exceptionally godlike, unrivalled, there’s also a kind of indescribable profound mysteriousness, making people unable to see through him.

Feng Wu also couldn’t figure out, why was Jun Lin Yuan so sure that Mu Yao would come back on her own right now?

Feng Wu found out why very quickly.

Because just when they were preparing get on their journey, a panicked voice approached from the distance.

“Save me aah! Save me aah! Save me aah!”

Fairy Mu Yao dashed towards their direction with a speed akin to flying. Behind her was a dense mass composed entirely of Black Luminary Wolves.

The quantity of these Black Luminary Wolves was a hundred times more than previously!

Thousands upon thousands of Black Luminary Wolves came this way from all directions, their howls shook the earth and the heavens!

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