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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:31 PM
Chapter 315

Feng Yanfeng couldn’t peel his eyes away from the beautiful lady, whose crying had evoked a desire inside him to protect her . With a wave of his hand, he said, “I’ll have your aunt send you 5000 taels of silver later so that you can get everything you need to live comfortably . ”

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5000 taels of silver?!

That almost gave Lady Wang a heart attack!

The idle Lord Feng obviously had zero idea of the costs of running a household . 5000 silver taels was enough to sustain the entire clan for two months!

“My lord…” Lady Wang was going to interfere, when Feng Yanfeng darted a cold, harsh glance at her, which chilled Lady Wang to the bone!

Lady Wang’s stomach lurched and she couldn’t utter a word .

She couldn’t believe this… Why hadn’t the Spring Breeze Powder worked? Lady Wang darted a questioning look at Granny Gui, asking the latter with her eyes if she had really buried the stuff there .

Granny Gui was sick with anxiety! Of course she had! She had done it herself and she made sure that it was where it should be!

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Just then, someone cried out outside!

“There! There’s a man! He’s getting away!”

Ruyue, who had tagged along, almost fainted from what was going on . When no one was looking, she quietly backed out of the room and tried to sneak off .

For if she didn’t, she wouldn’t live to see another sunrise!

Lady Wang would get rid of her to tie up the loose ends and the master would want her dead for delivering false information!

Ruyue was going to flee, when she saw a figure dash out of Fallen Star Yard and run away quickly, but not quickly enough to avoid detection!

Lady Wang turned around just in time to spot that figure!

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“A man! There really was a man hiding in Fallen Star Yard!” Exasperated, Lady Wang grabbed Feng Yanfeng and dragged him along with her!

Feng Yanfeng saw no such figure and didn’t want to leave . However, Lady Wang was very certain of herself . “Quickly! We’ll know what’s going on when we catch the guy and interrogate him! Quickly —”

Feng Yanfeng had come with some guards, who were all waiting for Feng Yanfeng’s instructions .

They would follow only their master’s command .

Feng Yanfeng hesitated . That figure indeed looked suspicious . Was Feng Wu really having inappropriate relations with a man? Or could it have been his sister-in-law… Feng Yanfeng lost his composure at that thought .

“Maybe he’s a thief . Catch him!” After that, Feng Yanfeng dashed off, leading the way .

Lady Wang was set on ruining Feng Wu’s reputation this morning, and she had brought quite a few people with her . Right now, every single one of them followed Feng Yanfeng and Lady Wang out .

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Fallen Star Yard, which had been boisterous only a moment ago, grew very quiet .

“Miss…” Qiuling turned to Feng Wu, looking worried .

No one but Feng Wu knew the role Yu Mingye played here and everyone became very concerned .

The beautiful lady was the only exception . She was still holding Feng Wu’s arm and weeping nonstop .

Feng Wu was speechless .

Her mother was the only one here that thought Feng Wu’s wrist had really been burnt .

Feng Wu turned her attention back to Qiuling .

“It’s finally getting interesting . ” Feng Wu smiled confidently . “We shouldn’t miss out on the fun . ”

With that, Feng Wu rose to her feet and asked the others, “Anyone interested? Follow me if you are . ”

Granny Zhao smiled mildly . “Qiuling, go with Miss Wu . I’ll stay here with my lady . ”

“But —”

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