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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:32 PM
Chapter 313

Chapter 313: No… Please Stop…

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“She can’t let it go and I’m worried that she won’t be able to handle all the pointing fingers . That’s why I let them live in Fallen Star Yard in a remote part of the manor . ”

Feng Yanfeng looked less displeased now .

Lady Wang took the opportunity and went on . “My lord, if you don’t like that arrangement, I’ll move them out of Fallen Star Yard and give them…”

“That won’t be necessary . ” Feng Yanfeng waved her off . “You did the right thing . Feng Wu is useless now . She is of no help to this family and she’s lucky to even have food on her table . There’s no need to give her favorable treatment . ”

Lady Wang looked troubled . “But Xiao Wu may not be happy…”

“Why should we care how she feels?” Feng Yanfeng smiled cruelly . “Does she think she’s still the same Feng Wu from five years ago?”

That settled Lady Wang’s mind . Seeing Feng Yanfeng’s attitude, she could do a lot of things without hesitation from now on .

“Right . What did you say about Miss Wu?” Feng Yanfeng finally remembered that Ruyue was still kneeling there and he darted a cold glance at her .

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“Master! Something’s happened! I saw… I saw a man going into Fallen Star Yard! And he went into Miss Wu’s bedroom!”

“What?!” Feng Yanfeng almost bolted up . “Are you sure?!”

“Yes! I saw it with my own eyes! I can swear on my life!” Ruyue made her tone very righteous and brave .

Feng Yanfeng could no longer stay in bed . He rushed to the door right away!

“My lord, my lord, slow down . Maybe it’s just… a misunderstanding…” Lady Wang tugged at Feng Yanfeng’s sleeve and said in a worried tone, “Xiao Wu grew up around us and we know her well! She’s a good kid . She’d never do anything to tarnish the reputation of our clan . ”

The more Lady Wang said, the angrier Feng Yanfeng became!

“She’s been in Northern Border City for five years, who knows what filthy habits she picked up there? I need to see for myself! Come! Let’s have a look!” Feng Yanfeng threw a robe over his shoulders, then hurried off .

Lady Wang and Granny Gui exchanged looks and both smiled in satisfaction .

They hadn’t expected it to be so easy to ruin Feng Wu .

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“My lord, wait… My lord, please don’t get too cross . We have to watch out for your health…” Lady Wang followed Feng Yanfeng out in a hurry .

Fallen Star Yard .

The yard probably had something against Feng Wu .

Feng Liu had only broken the old door yesterday and the plank in it had only just been replaced before Feng Yanfeng arrived!

Standing outside Fallen Star Yard, Feng Yanfeng’s anger had subsided a little and he was able to think .

Could it be a misunderstanding?

Was Feng Wu that kind of girl?

Was it appropriate for him to question her like this just because of something a random maid said?

Just as Feng Yanfeng was standing there in hesitation —

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He heard mumbling inside, which seemed to suggest something erotic .

“It hurts… sob … hurts… slow down…

“No… please don’t…

“I can’t… no… sob …”

That was such a seductive voice!

Feng Yanfeng felt the blood rush to his head!

They were indeed daughter and father, for Feng Yanfeng entered the courtyard in exactly the same manner as Feng Liu .


The door was kicked open .

There was no one in the yard .

Feng Yanfeng rushed in and kicked the door to a room open . The voice was coming from there .

Lady Wang followed him in a hurry, lifting her skirt off the ground . She was panting from all the running .

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