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3118 Guard Mine No. 3

At first, Elder Helian didn’t know what Feng Wu was talking about, but Lord Mo did.

He and Lord Dai had worked together for many years and knew each other only too well.

“He didn’t go to Mine No.3, did he?!”

Elder Helian’s heart sank when he heard what Lord Mo said.

He looked over his shoulder in astonishment.

Feng Wu looked him in the eye and nodded.

Elder Helian wondered how the girl knew so much.

Feng Wu added, “If they remove the essence crystals from the mine in advance…”

“They can’t do that!”

Elder Helian shouted.

Elder Dongfang narrowed her eyes.

That was indeed her plan.

She had communicated with Lord Dai by exchanging a few looks, but somehow, this girl had guessed it.

How did she know that?!

How could she know what the Military Academy wanted to do?

Feng Wu smirked. “I know how malicious people can be.”

Meanwhile, Elder Helian had already dashed off.

Lord Mo also went to get the other elders.

They had to guard their mine!

Mine No. 3 belonged to Imperial College now!

Feng Wu’s reminder had been timely, because when Elder Helian arrived at the mine, the Military Academy was trying to move things out.

Elder Helian was furious.

Elder Dongfang was so cunning!

He didn’t want to take too much from the Military Academy and had chosen the worst mine, but this was how they repaid him!

He charged at them and took out the paperwork. “Nobody touches a thing!”

The elders of Imperial College gradually arrived.

They were all dumbfounded, including Elder Wu.

They had just come back from the Dayless Woods and were going to cultivate, when they received the order to guard Mine No. 3.

Wasn’t that the Military Academy’s mine? Why should they guard it?

They were shocked by what they saw.

Holy crap!

Since when was it Imperial College’s mine?

Were they dreaming?

Mine No. 3 had been discovered a long time ago and was located to the southwest of the fortress.

The Military Academy had used it to help so many capable members!

As a result, they had 10,000 more Spiritual Overlords than Imperial College.

The elders of the Imperial College had been so envious.

But now, Mine No. 3 belonged to Imperial College!

Was this really happening?

Lord Mo told them that Feng Wu had won it from Elder Dongfang.

Wait —

They had only heard of Feng Wu’s name for the first time the night before.

Wasn’t she the crown prince’s little mistress?

Didn’t he keep her around like a pet?

How did she win a mine?

At first, the elders thought Feng Wu had won the crown prince’s heart because of her pretty face, and didn’t like her at all.

But things had changed now.

Lord Mo saw how dumbfounded the elders were. Moreover, only Elder Wu seemed to have a good impression on Feng Wu.

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