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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:32 PM
Chapter 311

The man sleeping there was none other than Feng Yiran himself!

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Seeing Feng Liu twisting and moaning in his arms and Feng Yiran sleeping soundly in bed… Yu Mingye decided that after hearing what Feng Liu had plotted against Feng Wu, he would get revenge for Feng Wu by leaving Feng Liu here in her brother’s bed!

Growing up in the Dark Court, Yu Mingye had been deeply influenced by the dark and deviant deeds he saw there . He had kept it from Feng Wu, but that didn’t make him any kinder or purer in heart .

Yu Mingye moved the woman sleeping next to Feng Yiran to the floor, then tossed Feng Liu onto the bed .

He was about to leave when he saw his robe on Feng Liu . His stomach lurched .

He had been so close to leaving such an important belonging on Feng Liu . If that happened, he would never be able to explain himself .

Yu Mingye then removed the robe from Feng Liu .

He was going to burn it, but he wouldn’t do it here .

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Seeing the naked girl wrap herself around the teenager… and the room was too dark to see the faces clearly… Yu Mingye’s mouth curled into a wicked grin . He left the room immediately after that .

Yu Mingye was so proud of what he had done that he thought he would finally be able to report to Feng Wu and claim credit for himself .

Hence, he returned to Feng Wu, looking elated .

Feng Wu had an ominous feeling when she saw the gloating look on the teenager’s face .

“You got rid of Feng Liu?”

“Yup . ”


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“Take a wild guess . ” Yu Mingye wanted to whet her appetite .

Feng Wu said grumpily, “Judging by what I know of you so far, you should have thrown her back to the Fire Wolf . ”

Yu Mingye rubbed his nose . “I didn’t…”

He would have if he hadn’t injured that wolf so severely earlier .

“You didn’t?” Feng Wu was surprised .

“I really didn’t . ” Yu Mingye sounded very pleased . “I put her somewhere you’ll never guess . ”

Feng Wu looked at Yu Mingye, finding the teenager rather unreliable .

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“I’ll never guess?” Feng Wu suddenly had an idea .

“The fifth courtyard to the north of Fallen Star Yard, with a vermilion iron gate . Did you leave her there?” Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

“What?!” Yu Mingye cried out in surprise . “Little Feng Wu, can you read minds? How did you know? Well, I left her in Feng Yiran’s bed . Hahahaha —”

Feng Wu was speechless . “That’s so…”

“I was doing her a favor!” said Yu Mingye matter-of-factly . “She’s inhaled Spring Breeze Powder; without relief, she’ll implode and die . Who else can help her like that in the Feng clan?”

Feng Wu was speechless .

“Without a man to sleep with, she’ll die! I was saving her life!” Yu Mingye said presumptuously . “I’m doing everyone a favor!”

Feng Wu was speechless .

She dashed out of her room without another word .

Feng Wu had thought about getting Feng Yiran involved when she learned about Lady Wang’s plan . But while Feng Yiran wasn’t a good person, he hadn’t tried to kill Feng Wu so far, at least not that Feng Wu knew of .

Hence, Feng Wu had left Feng Yiran out .

And that was why she had thrown Feng Liu into the Fire Wolf’s stable .

As it turned out, Feng Yiran had been dragged into this after all, and Feng Wu wanted to stop it before it was too late .

However, when she snuck into Feng Yiran’s courtyard, she heard the unmistakable sounds of a man and a woman doing you-know-what —

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