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Published at 3rd of January 2020 03:08:21 PM
Chapter 305

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He had finally reached an agreement with his three elders and was given permission to stay in the imperial capital for a while .

The first person Yu Mingye thought of when he arrived at the imperial capital wasn't Jun Linyuan, his lifelong rival, but Feng Wu .

Hence, he began to ask around about the girl .

Since her return from the border city, Feng Wu had become the topic of conversation in the city once more .

She used to be this genius with the most promising future .

However, when she came back this time, her name was connected to slander, rumors, and libel… It was only unfavorable news .

Good-for-nothing, useless, losing her head over love… The people of the city crowned her with all the unpleasant labels they could think of .

Needless to say, the Zuo family and the younger generation of the Feng family had a lot to do with the spread of the rumors .

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Yu Mingye found everything so frustrating!

He wouldn't have felt this way if he didn't know Feng Wu, but he did . To him, the girl was smart, wickedly funny, pretty, sharp-tongued, and a free spirit… He simply couldn't bring himself to dislike her .

To Yu Mingye, Feng Wu was a brilliant girl second only to the ugly girl .

"How can these people say such things about little Feng Wu? Do they even know her? I bet Xiao Wu is so upset right now . " Yu Mingye's heart went out to Feng Wu .

He couldn't help but let his imagination run wild .

A slim figure wearing a white robe hid herself in a dark corner with her arms around her knees; her eyes were teary as she wept into her lap… Such was the picture Yu Mingye drew in his head .

He clenched his fists in vexation!

No! He had to go to Feng Wu!

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Hence, Yu Mingye climbed over the wall of the Feng Manor the first night after Feng Wu came back .

The manor was adequately guarded, but Yu Mingye had three very capable elders . With their help, Yu Mingye entered the manor without breaking a sweat .

At this hour, almost everyone was in bed . Yu Mingye couldn't find a person to ask for directions even if he wanted to .

However, when he focused his attention, he noticed strange noises in the eastern part of the place .

Yu Mingye, the professional pleasure-seeker, couldn't resist his curiosity . He headed in that direction right away .

And what he saw turned out to be an eyesore!

In the centermost part of the spiritual beast farm, an animal was snarling, accompanied by the sound of tearing cloth .

Tearing cloth?

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Yu Mingye blushed profusely . It was… shameless . Fornication with a beast in the middle of the night… how thirsty did that person have to be?

However, he didn't want to ruin the person's night . Covering his ears with both hands, Yu Mingye decided to take flight .

The torn clothes then flew over the fence and Yu Mingye saw it under the bright moonlight .


That dress looked so familiar . He thought he had seen it somewhere before .

But where?

He had only met two girls after leaving his court . One was the ugly girl and the other one was little Feng Wu… Shit!

Yu Mingye suddenly remembered all the stories he had heard earlier today!

Those people called little Feng Wu a good-for-nothing and said that she was crazy in love . They also said that she wouldn't survive much longer in the imperial capital…

Yu Mingye had a sharp nose and he soon recognized the smell of Spring Breeze Powder in the air .

Gosh, was that little Feng Wu in there? Had someone set her up?

Yu Mingye was exasperated!

He rushed in right away, knocking down an entire wall . As soon as he set foot inside, he saw a fair, naked girl under a giant Fire Wolf!

Her face was out of sight, but she had a very slim body!

"Little Feng Wu!" Yu Mingye's eyes widened in astonishment . He charged at the wolf!

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