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Chapter 304

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Once the Spring Breeze Powder was in place, Feng Wu tossed Feng Liu on the ground . Raising her head, she looked right into the Fire Wolf's scarlet eyes .

Fire Wolves were big, strong beasts that were twice the size of a grown man . Their long, flowing fur gave them a majestic look .

Feng Wu patted the Fire Wolf's head . "Sorry about this, buddy —"

She left after that .

Once outside, she carefully closed the door behind her and locked it .

The night wind was chilly on her skin as Feng Wu darted one last grim look at Feng Liu . Your mother was the one who came up with this plan and that Spring Breeze Powder was put in place by her people… So, I feel no qualms about doing this to you .

Feng Wu still had another object in her hand — the Black Qilin Venom the size of a pigeon egg .

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Since she was going to pay them back in their own coin, it went without saying that she would use it on Lady Wang .

Something cold glinted in Feng Wu's bright eyes .

Soon, her nimble figure disappeared into the darkness . Shortly afterward, she appeared inside Flying Snow Building, where Lady Wang lived .

Feng Wu jumped around swiftly in the building and was soon outside Lady Wang's bedchamber .

As cautious as ever, Feng Wu didn't use the soporific incense right away, but had a listen first . Someone was snoring loudly inside .

She realized that Lady Wang wasn't the only one inside . Feng Yanfeng, her eldest uncle, was also there .

About this uncle of hers… Well, Feng Wu couldn't be bothered to comment .

Suffice to say, if he had been as kind as he ought to be, Feng Wu's family would never have been driven off into exile .

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Feng Wu hadn't come back to the imperial capital for revenge . She wouldn't stir things up herself, but she wouldn't hesitate to fight back either if she became a target .

This soporific incense which Feng Wu had made herself wasn't available anywhere on the market, no matter how much a buyer was willing to pay .

Using a thin straw, Feng Wu blew the incense smoke into the room .

She waited five minutes for the knockout effect to work, then pushed the door open and marched in .

Her uncle and aunt were fast asleep . In a censer a few steps away, some incense was burning .

Feng Wu had thought about burying the poison in Lady Wang's kitchen, but then decided otherwise, fearing that she might harm innocent people . Now, under the dim moonlight coming in through the window, Feng Wu fixed her eyes on that censer .

The censer was quite sizeable, and was only cleaned out every once in a while .

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Feng Wu's mouth curled into a smile .

Lady Wang had a habit of burning incense at night, without which she couldn't sleep .

Hence, Feng Wu figured out the perfect way to put this Black Qilin Venom to use — grind it into a powder and sprinkle it into the censer .

Once that was completed, Feng Wu took a look at her aunt, who was still sound asleep, and smiled . After that, Feng Wu disappeared into the dark again .

She was back in Fallen Star Yard in no time .

The lights were still on .

Qiuling heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Feng Wu . "Miss Wu, how did it go?"

The beautiful lady had gone to bed on time like clockwork, and by now, she was already fast asleep . However, Qiuling and Granny Zhao had been worried about Feng Wu and waited up for her .

Feng Wu grinned . "Of course everything went as planned . I wouldn't have it any other way . "

Qiuling and Granny Zhao let out breaths of relief .

Feng Wu urged, "Go to bed . We're going to face a tough battle tomorrow . "

However, after Feng Wu went to bed —

Little did she know that something very unexpected was about to happen .

Yu Mingye —

That teenager whom Feng Wu had met in Frozen Forest a while ago —

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