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Published at 3rd of January 2020 03:08:23 PM
Chapter 303

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"We've come full circle and my family is finally on top . Feng Wu is a good-for-nothing now! Hahaha! She's useless! When that happened, everyone in the clan was devastated, but I laughed for three days!"

Feng Liu's eyes glinted coldly . "The others have no idea who did it to Feng Wu, but I do . I saw it and I didn't come back to get help . I wanted her dead!

"She survived, but her cultivation was ruined, which pleased me more than seeing her dead . That way, I could humiliate her, laugh at her, and taunt her as much as I want . She's just a piece of garbage now!

"She got lucky . They banished her to Northern Border City, where she got to live in peace for five years, but I was never going to let her have peace . Hence, we went to Northern Border City just to bring her back . Only that way can I go on abusing her, bullying her, and humiliating her!

"Trying to take His Royal Highness from me was her worst decision ever! His Royal Highness is mine and everyone that competes with me must die! Even Zuo Qingluan!" Feng Liu's face twisted . "Although, I'll deal with Zuo Qingluan later . Feng Wu is my top priority now . I'll show His Royal Highness what a slut Feng Wu is!"

"Miss, you…"

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"Haha, Caiyue, remember to go to the clan's stable before dawn and unleash the spiritual beasts we keep there . They'll know where to go —"

"Miss —"

"Did you hear me?!"

"Yes . " Caiyue was shaken . She had no idea that Miss Liu could be this malicious…

"But if this gets out, your reputation will be affected as well…" Caiyue tried to talk her out of it .

"Mother won't let it get out, neither will grandmother . So, the only solution is… Hoho . " The more she thought about it, the more conceited Feng Liu became .

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Feng Wu stood right outside the window .

And she heard every word of their conversation .

She knew that Feng Liu wanted her dead, but she had no idea that her hatred stemmed from such petty things .

Feng Liu had been quite adorable when she was little . She used to follow Feng Wu around and call her "Sister Wu . " Feng Wu had pitied her, which was why she had given her those spirit stones . Little did she know that Feng Liu was such an ungrateful and vicious girl .

Feng Wu's eyes darkened .

Night had fallen .

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Feng Wu smiled a little .

The shut window opened quietly . Instead of going in directly, Feng Wu blew some soporific incense into the room first .

Feng Wu had made the incense herself . It was colorless and odorless, but very potent . In less than a minute, the person inside was breathing slowly and steadily .

Feng Liu had fallen asleep .

Feng Wu jumped into the room, as nimble as a cat . She then threw Feng Liu over her shoulder before heading to where the spiritual beasts were kept .

She didn't want her old room ruined by the spiritual beasts .

The spiritual beast farm .

When the spiritual beasts were mature enough, they would usually be used as personal mounts by members of the clan . There were wolves, bears, cheetahs, and tigers… which one should she pick?

In the end, Feng Wu chose a Fire Wolf .

Looking at Feng Liu, who was fast asleep, Feng Wu took a deep breath .

Feng Liu, you wanted to harm my family first; I'm only doing to you what you were trying to do to me . Even that Spring Breeze Powder was from your mother .

If you can pray, pray that your mother's Spring Breeze Powder isn't too potent . Otherwise, I'm not sure that you will survive this…

Walking into the stable where the Fire Wolf was kept, Feng Wu buried the Spring Breeze Powder there, then looked back at Feng Liu…

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