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Chapter 302

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Flower Butterfly Yard consisted of three courtyards and a lot of rooms . At this time of the year, the garden was filled with blossoming flowers and the view was spectacular .

Feng Wu knew exactly which room Feng Liu was in without having to ask around .

Who was the person Feng Liu hated most? Feng Wu, obviously .

She had taken Flower Butterfly Yard away for no reason other than it used to be Feng Wu's home .

Hence, her room would be none other than Feng Wu's old bedchamber .

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Feng Wu followed the familiar path that led to her Perching Phoenix Pavilion .

As the name suggested, it was where a phoenix was supposed to perch .

Because Feng Wu had been born with the mysterious, powerful True Phoenix Blood, which hadn't appeared in the Feng clan for a thousand years, everyone in the clan had been thrilled and her living quarters had hence been named "Perching Phoenix Pavilion . "

Outside the building, a tall Chinese parasol tree stood upright in the yard .

With the help of the tree trunk, Feng Wu jumped onto the roof of Perching Phoenix Pavilion, as swift as a swallow .

The inside of Perching Phoenix Pavilion was brightly lit .

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And Feng Wu could hear people talking .

"Caiyue, remember to wake me up early tomorrow . "

"Miss, you've always stayed in bed in the morning . Are you sure…"

"Why do you even ask? Of course I'm sure . You have no idea what fun we'll have tomorrow . Hahahaha —" Feng Liu was so thrilled that she rolled around in bed .

"Miss, what kind of fun will there be? Do you mind giving me a hint?"

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Feng Liu was so eager to tell someone and had only paused for effect so that Caiyue would ask . She answered the question promptly . "Hahaha, Feng Wu's reputation will be ruined for good tomorrow! Hahaha —"

"But how is that possible? In this manor…"

"Heh!" Feng Liu snorted . "Too bad that Feng Xiaoqi isn't here . I would have made him part of the farce if he were around . Imagine how much fun that would be . Well, no worries . After Feng Wu is dead, I can easily take care of Feng Xiaoqi on my own . "

Outside, Feng Wu heard every word .

She couldn't for the life of her figure out what she had ever done to Feng Liu to make the girl hold such a grudge against her . Why did Feng Liu hate her so much?

"Miss… why do you want Miss Wu dead?" Caiyue asked the question Feng Wu wanted to ask .

"She wanted me dead first!" Feng Liu flared up as she walked down memory lane . "Do you know how she used to treat me? Before, she was this genius that was so superior . She was the future of the Feng clan and she had first claim on all the resources in the family . The other kids like us had a monthly allowance of a measly three spirit stones . Do you know what she did? She acted all sincere and handed me three spirit stones, saying that they were a gift for my cultivation .

"Hahaha! A gift? For me? My father is the eldest son of my grandfather and all the resources of the clan belong to us, the first branch of the clan! How dare she 'bestow a gift' on me? She was using my resources and she was making a gift out of it? Who does she think she is?

"I told her that I would pay her back after I grew up, and do you know what she said? She told me no need to bother, for they were just some little spirit stones . Hahaha, little spirit stones . She knew perfectly well that those spirit stones were vital for my cultivation and I couldn't get my hands on them no matter what! She humiliated me like that! How dare she show off in front of me? Who the hell does she think she is? At that moment, I felt like tearing her throat open with my teeth!"

Outside, Feng Wu recalled this incident .

She had only been five and Feng Liu was even younger… She had no idea that Feng Liu would still be bothered by this and that she had been so narrow-minded at that young age…

"Hahahaha! Karma really is a bitch!" Feng Liu said .

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