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Published at 2nd of January 2020 02:34:41 PM
Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Aunt, How Kind of You

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“The tables and chairs all have parts missing and the plates are all cracked . Aunt, you’re the one who manages the household affairs in this manor, aren’t you? Is this how you do your job? Maybe I should go talk to my uncle . ”

Feng Wu’s uncle — Lady Wang’s husband — wasn’t known for rectitude, but he cared about his reputation above all else, and Feng Wu knew exactly how to manipulate him .

Lady Wang knew Feng Yanfeng’s temperament only too well . She had no choice but to squeeze a reply out through gritted teeth . “There’s really no need to mention those things . I was going to have them changed for you later . Xiao Wu, what kind of evil person do you take me for? Do you think I’ll mistreat your family?”

Feng Wu’s bright eyes met Lady Wang’s gaze and she smiled knowingly at the latter .

Lady Wang almost gave up on her act every time she saw that look in Feng Wu’s eyes .

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“And —” Lady Wang went on with her performance, “You shouldn’t have done all this dirty work of weeding and mending the roof yourself . I brought people here with me just for that . You should have waited for me . ”

Lady Wang heaved a deep sigh and looked at Feng Wu with pity . “You must have gotten used to all the hardship out there if you’re doing everything yourself . We’re a noble family . Crippled or not, you’re still a young lady of the Feng family . Someone with your distinguished status shouldn’t never dirty your hands with hard labor like this . ”

She then turned to scold the beautiful lady . “How can you raise a daughter of the Feng clan into a wild girl like this? Mother is going to reproach you if she learns about this!”

Lady Wang was fuming inside .

How could she not?

She and Feng Liu had planned to see Feng Wu and her family crying their eyes out . However, Feng Liu had turned herself into a laughingstock before even setting foot in the yard, giving Feng Wu a chance to jeer at her . After they entered the courtyard, they saw that not only wasn’t the family crying, they had even cleaned up the shabby Fallen Star Yard .

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Instead, Lady Wang had been taunted by Feng Wu over and over again until the former promised to send them the necessities… Her original plan had been to stall until Feng Wu pleaded with her in tears!

Feng Wu smiled at Lady Wang . “Aunt, you’re mistaken . ”

“Surely not . How adorable you used to be . Look at how rough you are now!”

Feng Wu smiled . “Aunt, I see you care for me a lot . ”

“Of course I do . Don’t you remember? I always treated you like one of my own . ”

That was true .

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Back when Feng Wu was the little genius, her aunt had indeed been very nice to her and took care of every aspect of her life . However, once she fell…

Feng Wu smiled again . “Aunt, did you bring all these people here to help us tidy up Fallen Star Yard?”

“Of course . I could never bring myself to see you do everything on your own . Look at you . Your face is smeared with dirt . ” Lady Wang took out her handkerchief, wanting to wipe Feng Wu’s face for her .

Feng Wu smiled at her . “I guess I should thank you in advance, then . ”


Lady Wang was baffled .

Feng Wu opened a door, revealing the filthy room within . “Your people will have a lot of work to do . ”

The room was lit up by the light coming in through the window .

They could see everything: the damp floor, the cracked walls… and a rat scuttling away .

The yard was so clean, and Feng Wu had mentioned broken plates…

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