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Published at 2nd of January 2020 02:37:03 PM
Chapter 295

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"Hahaha! Fallen Star Yard! Mum, don't you think that's the perfect name for Feng Wu?"

What had once been the brightest of the imperial capital had fallen and had lain in the dust ever since .

Lady Wang poked Feng Liu lightly in her forehead . "Keep your voice down . "

Feng Liu couldn't care less . "Why should I? I can laugh as loud as I want and there's nothing she can do about it . Plus, so what if she hears me? What can that cripple do to me now? I can strike her down with a single slap! Not only am I laughing right now, I did so right in her face . "

"And what was her reaction?" Something flickered in Lady Wang's eyes .

"What can she possibly do? She might look all calm, but she must have been all furious inside . There's nothing she can do to me, so she had to swallow the humiliation . Hahaha, mum, you have no idea how sorry Feng Wu looked . Who would have thought that she was so brilliant just five years ago?"

Back then, Feng Wu's gaze had been so sharp that one glance from her was enough to make Feng Liu shudder .

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"Is she that helpless now?" Lady Wang asked in a seemingly casual tone .

"Of course! Come, mum . I'll show you what a sorry state they're in now . " Feng Liu then dragged Lady Wang to Fallen Star Yard .

Feng Liu couldn't hold back her excitement on the way . "Fallen Star Yard has been deserted for so long and the weeds are about as tall as I am . There are snakes, rats, and insects everywhere, and it's so remote . Isn't Feng Wu's little mother a coward and a neat freak? I'd like to see her live there!"

Feng Liu was confident that Feng Wu had been putting on an act as a tough girl – she definitely started crying the moment Feng Liu turned to leave .

The door to Fallen Star Yard was closed tight, as if it was shutting out the outside world .

"Mum, let's open the door quietly . Feng Wu will be caught by surprise and we'll see how sorry she looks . Hahaha —"

After that, Feng Liu let go of Lady Wang's hand, ran up to the door, and kicked it!

Crack —

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The wooden door was already rotten and Feng Liu's foot got stuck in the hole she made .

Before she could draw her foot back, the plank in the door fell forward at the momentum!

And it took Feng Liu with it!

Flustered, Feng Liu reached out to grab Caiyue!

Poor Caiyue . She could have easily stopped Feng Liu from falling, but she seemed to have stepped on something and lost her footing . Immediately —

Both girls fell forward together —

"Miss Liu!"

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All the maids and nannies were exasperated and they tried their best to stop Feng Liu from falling . But —

They were too late!

Feng Liu fell onto the door face first and she had never looked more sorry .

The maids and nannies behind her all seemed to slip and everyone fell forward . Everything happened so fast that it looked like they had been pulled forward by an invisible string .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Lady Wang had come with a large entourage, which consisted of as many as a dozen maids and nannies!

And all twelve people fell onto Feng Liu —

And they crashed down hard!


One body smashed onto Feng Liu .

That hurt —

Thud, thud, thud —

Another eleven followed and Feng Liu nearly burst into tears!

Behind them, Lady Wang watched in disbelief…

She was shocked!

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