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Chapter 294: 294

Lowering her voice, Feng Liu whispered in Feng Wu’s ear, “For everything you’ve done to me during the journey, I’ll pay you back a hundred times in the days to come!”

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Feng Wu smiled . “I’m looking forward to it . ”

Feng Liu clenched her fists! That devil-may-care tone was so frustrating!

“You are? Wait and see!” Feng Liu stormed off!

She decided that she was going to draw up a plan to periodically abuse Feng Wu . She would come up with something small every day, and every month, she would set a mid-term goal . Her ultimate goal was to make Feng Wu live in hell!

Feng Wu’s family looked at one another in bewilderment after Feng Liu left .

“Miss Wu —” Qiuling said with a long face . “This is unacceptable . How can they make us live in such conditions? We’re one of the branches of the family…”

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Granny Zhao was also furious . “Miss Wu, I’m going to see the old lady now and I’ll ask her about this…”

Feng Wu only smiled . “Be patient . ”

“Miss Wu —” Patient? How could they be patient?!

“Start cleaning up the place . ” Feng Wu gave a succinct instruction .

“But —” Feng Wu cut Qiuling off .

“Do you think the old lady doesn’t know about this?” Feng Wu snickered . “That tough old lady who needs to control everything, let other people make the decision for her? Do you think that’s what happened?”

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“The old lady…” Qiuling cried out in surprise .

Back then, the old lady couldn’t have been any more affectionate toward Miss Wu . She doted on this granddaughter and had all the resources of the Feng clan ready at Miss Wu’s disposal . But now…

“You do realize that I’m not really useless, right?” Feng Wu smiled . “The pendulum swings both ways; let’s just wait and see . ”

Everyone was enlightened by Feng Wu’s words .

That was true!

Their mistress was awesome . She had reached Level 9 of the Spiritual Master stage in a few months after she resumed her cultivation!

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By the standard of education in the empire, Miss Wu, a girl of 13, was equivalent to an intermediate school graduate, and was already qualified to apply to the Imperial College!

Everyone was relieved at the thought .

They could barely contain their excitement at the thought of all the embarrassed faces out there once everyone else learned that Miss Wu had recovered her talents . They felt like jumping around in excitement!

“Yes! That’s right . I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces! It’ll be so much fun!”

After regaining peace of mind, Granny Zhao and Qiuling were full of vigor again . They went off to pull up the weeds, repair the roof, and dust the rooms .

After leaving the courtyard, Feng Liu went directly to Lady Wang’s Flying Snow Building with a bunch of maids and nannies trailing behind her .

“Mum! Mum!” Feng Liu threw herself at Lady Wang like a butterfly . Holding her mother’s arm, she said in a cloying voice, “Mum, guess where I was just now?”

Lady Wang had just come back from the old lady’s Conscience Hall . Seeing how happy Feng Liu was, she tapped her spoiled daughter lightly on her forehead . “You were with Feng Wu?”

“Mum, why are you so clever? You really are the best mother in the world —” Feng Liu was a spoiled little girl around her mother .

Lady Wang smiled . “How’s that family doing?”

“Hahaha —” Feng Liu guffawed . “We had them enter through the side gate when they arrived, and the main gate wasn’t even open . Then, we led them all the way to that shabby Fallen Star Yard . ”

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