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Chapter 291

“Of course we can’t imagine it . She grew up practicing it . ”

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“What then? What happened after that?” Zuo Qingyu asked eagerly .

“Well… heh…” Yan Yan gave them a mysterious smile and paused for effect .

By now, everyone in the restaurant was astonished by what Yan Yan had revealed!

Many young ladies were jealous of Feng Wu for her previous engagement to Jun Linyuan and would throw mud at her whenever they had a chance . Guys, on the other hand, had a pretty good impression of Feng Wu and often pitied her for what she went through .

But if what Yan Yan said was true… Feng Wu was a cripple as well as an idiot for losing her head over love . There was nothing good they could say about her anymore!

Holding Yan Yan’s arm, Zuo Qingyu pressed, “Tell us, what happened after that? Did His Royal Highness throw her out? That had to be what happened, right?”

Yan Yan said ambiguously, “Do you think with His Royal Highness’s temperament, he would cut her loose that easily?”

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“Wow —” The restaurant erupted in astonishment!

The longer Yan Yan held back, the more curious they became!

Everyone loved good gossip and more girls than one could count were in love with Jun Linyuan . This piece of information was so arresting that it spread like wildfire!

It started in the restaurant, but before long, it took wings and flew to all corners of the imperial capital .

“Have you heard? Feng Wu is so in love with the crown prince that she shamelessly tried to climb into bed with His Royal Highness!”


“Of course! Young Lord Feng saw it with his own eyes! It can’t be any more true!”

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“This Feng Wu… She’s disgusting! Why hasn’t she died already?!”

The rumor spread at a speed faster than one could imagine .

It reached the Feng clan house before Feng Wu did .

The Feng clan .

The current head of the clan was the old Mrs Feng, Feng Wu’s grandmother .

After the old Master Feng, Feng Wu’s grandfather, walked out on the clan, old Mrs Feng took over the position as head of the clan . She was distant, serIous, magisterial, and not someone one could get along with easily .

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Old Mrs Feng had three sons . Feng Yanfeng, the eldest son, had two sons and two daughters . And the old lady’s second son was Feng Wu’s father .

Feng Wu’s irresponsible dad disappeared before Feng Xiaoqi was born and hadn’t been heard from ever since .

Feng Yanfeng, Feng Wu’s eldest uncle, had two sons, Feng Yiran and Feng Yier, and two daughers, Feng Yi and Feng Liu .

Feng Wu and Feng Xiaoqi were the fifth girl and seventh boy respectively in their clan generation .

The other unmentioned children were all Feng Wu’s third uncle’s offspring . However, this uncle lived with his entire family in another city where he worked, so there weren’t that many people living in the Feng Manor in the imperial capital at the moment .

In the main hall .

“Mother, that’s what we’ve heard so far…” Lady Wang, Feng Yanfeng’s wife, was standing next to the old lady and informing the latter about all the rumors on the street .

The old lady had thick eyebrows that were pointed at the end, which looked like a pair of sharp blades when she frowned, making those around her shudder .

She was a tough lady who was even harder on herself than on others .

As the string of beads turned in her hand, the old lady’s eyes flickered grimly .

“She’s not even here yet and we’re already getting such rumors! What will happen when she arrives? Was this what she had in mind? To bring shame on all her sisters?” There was no warmth in the old lady’s voice!

Despite having been around the old lady for so many years, Lady Wang still got the jitters when the old lady straightened her face .

“She’s not here yet . Maybe it’s all just a misunderstanding…” Lady Wang said in a seemingly kind voice .

However, the old lady only snickered . “Misunderstanding? If that’s the case, it only proves how stupid she is! Unlike everyone else, she’s getting more foolish as she grows!”

Just then —

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