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Chapter 290

“Well, if you’re going to stay, then get ready for my revenge! Feng Wu, you’ve just walked into your living hell —” Feng Wu only darted a look at Feng Liu, then went back into her own carriage .

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She didn’t act out? Feng Liu was disappointed .

Her plan was to make a scene right outside the city gate so that the entire imperial capital would hear about the return of Feng Wu the good-for-nothing . That way, Feng Wu would be ridiculed by everyone .

Feng Yiran went up to Feng Liu . “Xiao Liu, let’s go back . ”

The beautiful lady was scared . She took Feng Wu’s hand and looked nervously at the latter .

“I’m right here and nothing is going to happen to you . ” Feng Wu caressed her mother’s fine, slim hands and her face looked a little grim in the sunlight .

Their carriage moved on, carrying them toward the manor of the Feng clan .

They could hear all the people talking on the street .

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“Feng Wu is back?”

“Which Feng Wu?”

“Which one do you think? The genius Feng Wu that used to be as famous as Jun Linyuan!”

“Right, that good-for-nothing who lost her True Phoenix Blood . I thought she was long dead . ”

“She isn’t, but they banished her to the border . I didn’t think she would come back after five years . ”

“The cripple has some balls to come back now . Doesn’t she realize that she will get nothing but ridicule and taunts here?”

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Sitting in the carriage with her legs crossed and her eyes closed, Feng Wu was absorbed in her cultivation .

This was a world which valued martial prowess above anything else… Ever since losing her status as the little genius, she was surrounded by nothing but sneers and taunts . It had been Zuo Qingluan’s doing all along, destroying Feng Wu’s True Phoenix Blood, but the victim became the one who got the blame . Nice job, Zuo family .

“Do you remember? There was a girl back then that was equally as famous as Feng Wu . ”

“Of course we do . That’s Zuo Qingyun, the eldest daughter of the Zuo family!”

“She’s not Zuo Qingyun anymore! She goes by the name Zuo Qingluan now! Qingluan, as in the big blue bird, the real phoenix!”

“Do you know what Zuo Qingluan’s cultivation stage is now, then?”

“What stage?”

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“She’s a Spiritual Elder already!”

“Holy shit! A Spiritual Elder? Seriously? She’s not fifteen yet and she’s already a Spiritual Elder? Imagine what she will be like in the days to come!”

“Poor Feng Wu . She’s still useless in cultivation and the gap between her and Zuo Qingyun will only grow wider . One day, she will be so far behind that she won’t be able to follow Zuo Qingyun with her eyes . ”

Up on the second floor of a restaurant by the street, a teenage boy and two teenage girls stood by the window . The teenager was looking casually out the window, but the two girls both had sneers on their faces .

“I would rather die out there than come back to the imperial capital if I were Feng Wu . The last thing I would want is to come back . ” Zuo Qingyu, the girl in a pink dress, gloated at Feng Wu’s discomfiture .

“She’s not going to die that easily . She still has to throw herself at the crown prince . You have no idea how shamefully cloying she was during the entire trip . Gosh, I’m blushing just to talk about it…” Yan Yan said diffidently .

“Throw herself at the crown prince?!”

Yan Yan’s words shocked not only Zuo Qingyu, but the girls at the nearby tables as well .

“You have no idea . That Feng Wu is really… Not only wouldn’t she leave His Royal Highness alone, she even tried to climb into bed with him in the middle of the night! My cousin saw it with his own eyes . You know who my cousin is, right?”

“You mean Young Lord Feng?”

“That’s him! He’s the crown prince’s childhood friend, and he wouldn’t lie about something like this . ” Yan Yan smirked .

“Oh my god!” Zuo Qingyu put a hand over her mouth and looked shocked . “How can Feng Wu… how can she do such a thing? She really has no shame at all!”

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