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Chapter 289: 289

As they traveled on, someone seemed to have cleared the trail for them, leaving behind nice treehouses and game ready to eat .

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However, Feng Wu wasn’t happy at all .

She needed her practice!

She needed real combat!

They were about to reach the imperial capital and she needed all the opportunities she could get to improve . Those people would eat her alive if she wasn’t tough enough .

Hence, while Feng Wu was ready to fight to death with all the magical beasts in the forest, she realized in disappointment that —

There were no magical beasts!

Feng Wu was shocked!

How could this be?

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They were in an extended stretch of Frozen Forest, and magical beasts were supposed to run rampant in this part of the woods . Their journey was supposed to be plagued by crises .

But what really happened was —

Nothing actually happened!

Not even once!

If she couldn’t run into any magical beasts around the treehouse, she would try somewhere deeper in the woods!

Feng Wu made up her mind . After instructing Uncle Qiu to protect her mother, she rushed into the woods to search for magical beasts!

However… she didn’t even find a rabbit, let alone ferocious magical beasts .

The woods were void of any sound apart from the noise she made herself . It was unnaturally quiet .

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How could this happen? Feng Wu couldn’t for the life of her figure it out .

Where did all the magical beasts go? Where was she supposed to get her practice?! Feng Wu was almost in tears .

She would never expect that someone had chased away all the magical beasts beforehand… If she knew, she really would burst into tears .

Feng Wu’s original plan was to reach the Spiritual Grandmaster stage before the end of their journey . However, without magical beasts… even with the help of the cub’s spiritual energy, Feng Wu was only able to make it to Level 9 of the Spiritual Master stage .

She was so close to becoming a Spiritual Grandmaster, but the breakthrough didn’t happen . And Feng Wu had no idea when it would happen .

Before they knew it, they were almost there .

” Sigh — ” Seeing the walls of the imperial capital on their approach, Feng Wu signed in resignation .

The Junwu Empire, the imperial capital .

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The city was the heart of the empire .

The entire imperial capital reminded one of a vast, boundless building that stood on the horizon like a gigantic beast from ancient times . It was grand, spectacular, and awe-inspiring .

The city gate was over 300 meters in height, and standing in the gateway, one looked as insignificant as an ant .

Feng Wu was no stranger to the imperial capital . After all, she had lived here for the first eight years of her life .

It had been five years since she last entered the city and Feng Wu was overwhelmed by mixed feelings .

However, she had yet to get over her emotional moment when a man and a woman showed up from inside .

“Feng Wu, I see you were close behind us!” She heard Feng Liu’s voice from up ahead .

Looking up, Feng Wu saw Feng Yiran and Feng Liu standing there as well as Feng Liu’s undisguised delight at Feng Wu’s discomfiture .

Seeing how cheerful and refreshed these two were, Feng Wu knew that they had been back to the Feng Manor already .

The imperial capital was the territory of those people, so it was no wonder they made no secret of their arrogance .

Walking up to Feng Wu, Feng Liu stared at the latter coldly . “Feng Wu, you’re finally back in the imperial capital after five years!”

Feng Wu gave her an indifferent glance .

“It’s not too late to run away!” Leaning toward Feng Wu, Feng Liu whispered in her ear .

Feng Wu frowned a little, but her face remained impassive and undisturbed .

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