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Chapter 283

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This sword was divine! Together with the sword stances, it was like giving a tiger wings .

Thanks to Flaming Sword and the stances, Feng Wu finally had some combat skills she could count on, which would make her life back in the imperial capital a little safer .

Feng Wu was going to take care of the dead bodies when the sword flew out again and circled in the air over the dead cheetahs .

The sword went over every single one of them, and by the time it came back to Feng Wu, the dead bodies had all turned to ash, which was then blown away by the wind…

Without leaving a trace…

Feng Wu was speechless .

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Only then did she realize that Flaming Sword had absorbed all the fire energy in the cheetahs, and without which, the bodies disintegrated… That was incredible!

Feng Wu's mouth fell open as she stared at the scarlet red sword in astonishment .

Her beautiful master had given the sword to Feng Wu and she had no idea where it came from . She never gave it much thought before, but now, she had a feeling .

This Flaming Sword was much more than it appeared!

If only her beautiful master could wake up now . She had so many questions to ask .

Feng Wu's mind wandered at the thought of her beautiful master, and she recalled the terms of her agreement with Little Phoenix .

When she reached the Spiritual Grandmaster stage, Little Phoenix would tell her how to wake up her master —

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Feng Wu had thought that it would be ages before she became a Spiritual Grandmaster, but after her quick advancement in the last few days, she was much more hopeful .

Would she get there before she knew it?

After quickly cleaning herself in the river, she changed into some clean clothes and headed back toward the campsite .

She then began to cultivate and lost track of time…

Feng Xun's voice rang out . "Little Feng Wu! Little Feng Wu! Are you alright? Where are you?!"

He ran as fast as a streak of lightning and shouted at the top of his lungs .

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Seeing the light at the campsite, he sped up .

Feng Wu opened her eyes .

A storm had risen when she wasn't looking . Rain poured down from the thick clouds above, splashing muddy water everywhere .

The rain also washed away what was left of the cheetahs' ashes . Good . Feng Wu inwardly nodded in satisfaction .

Through the curtain of rain, she saw a teenager dashing toward her like a shooting arrow .

Feng Xun couldn't tell if it was sweat or rainwater that covered his face . He then saw Feng Wu standing gracefully in a shelter built from branches, with a peaceful look on her face . His heart skipped a beat and he rushed to her side, wanting to pull her into his arms .

However, before he could do so, a slender yet strong hand grabbed him by his right shoulder and threw him in the other direction —

Feng Wu looked up and met Jun Linyuan's piercing black eyes!

She ignored the crown prince, who looked like a pissed off lion . Rushing into the rain, she helped Feng Xun up with both hands and asked attentively, "Feng Xun, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?"

To Feng Wu, Feng Xun might not be the most reliable guy in the world, but he did genuinely care about her . Hence, seeing him being tossed aside, her first reaction was to help him before she turned around to glare at Jun Linyuan, the culprit .

Seeing Feng Wu's soft, fair hands on Feng Xun's arms, anger flickered in Jun Linyuan's eyes!

However, Feng Xun had no idea of the fuse he had lit . He went on asking Feng Wu, "I saw a big fire in this direction just then and I thought something happened to you! Are you alright? Did anything happen?"

Feng Wu would be lying if she said that she wasn't touched by Feng Xun's genuine concern . She smiled at him . "I'm standing here in one piece, aren't I?"

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