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Chapter 280: 280

“It’s little Feng Wu!” Feng Xun cried out, looking panic-stricken!

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The emotionless mask Jun Linyuan wore cracked and his eyes flickered, reminding one of a thousand shattered stars!

However, Feng Xun was too immersed in his own anxiety to notice the change in the crown prince’s eyes .

“What about her?” Jun Linyuan didn’t let his face betray him .

“She’s in trouble! Real trouble!” Feng Xun pulled Jun Linyuan out of the tent and gestured to the northeast . “Look! A fire has broken out over there! It must be little Feng Wu!”

Jun Linyuan gave Feng Xun a haughty look . “And why should I care?”

Feng Xun almost jumped up . “Boss Jun! I know you don’t like her, but it’s human lives we’re talking about here! How can you be so cold?! Forget it . I might as well count on Feng Wu getting her cultivation back first than wait for you to lend me a hand . Do whatever you want . I’m going to help little Feng Wu now!”

After that, Feng Xun dashed off, quicker than a streak of lightning!

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The crown prince was left behind on his own…

Watching Feng Xun leave, Jun Linyuan stood there with an indecipherable look in his eyes . He then bit his lower lip, displeased .

Since when was Feng Xun this impatient? Would it kill the guy to try harder to persuade his Boss Jun?!

Gritting his teeth, the crown prince sulked .

Yan Yan ran out of her tent at that moment and was exasperated to see Feng Xun dashing off . “What’s my cousin doing in the middle of the night? Are we going to have to run around with him?”

Feng Liu was sleeping in the tent with a high fever .

Feng Yiran was with her, dampening her forehead with cold towels .

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His stomach lurched when he heard Yan Yan’s words . Seriously? They had to go out in the middle of the night? And in such weather?

When no one was looking, the stars had stopped twinkling in the sky .

The silver moon was completely covered by thick clouds .

The wind was gusty and it felt like little blades on their cheeks .

A storm was coming!

The proud crown prince’s gaze was locked on that corner in the northeast… His eyes flickered and no one could tell what was going on in his mind .

Xuan Yi had come to stand by Jun Linyuan’s side . He said to Yan Yan in an indifferent tone, “Xiao Feng will be fine on his own . Plus, a storm is coming —”

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As a neat freak, Jun Linyuan hated getting his shoes wet . The guy would never travel in such weather .

Yan Yan let out a breath of relief .

So did Feng Liu and Feng Yiran, who had taken Feng Wu’s tent .

However, Jun Linyuan clenched his right fist at Xuan Yi’s words .

Feeling relieved, Yan Yan still couldn’t let the topic drop . She snorted . “I have no idea what my cousin is thinking! Is he playing at ‘saving a damsel in distress’? Has he even considered the possibility that Feng Wu will take advantage of the situation and force him to marry her?”

Jun Linyuan went a little stiff!

He darted a grim look at Yan Yan .

Yan Yan shuddered . But this was such a rare opportunity and she had to make every effort to throw mud at Feng Wu, in spite of her chattering teeth . “Well… It’s possible… Feng Wu is so…”

Before Yan Yan could say another word of complaint, Jun Linyuan said, “We’re setting out!”


Everyone was dumbfounded!

Setting out?

In the middle of a storm?

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