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Chapter 276: An Enraged Feng Wu

However, he surprisingly was unable to seize Feng Wu!

To be more precise, just now, when he met Feng Wu's wrist, his fingertips felt like they were burning. It was clear that Feng Wu had smeared poison there!

Feng Yi Ran faced Feng Wu and looked towards her. Sure enough, her wrist was also swelling. Seeing it shocked the eyes!

However, this kind of swelling didn't affect Feng Wu's mobility in the slightest. That silver whip in her hand raised a cold wind under the night sky!


Yet another heavy lash. An ice-cold whip lashed towards Feng Liu's face!

"It was your left face a moment ago, now is your right face. They look more symmetrical now." Feng Wu laughed coldly. "However, you injured Qiu Ling with two lashes, do you think that I'll return the two lashes to you and consider it done? Don't be too hopeful!"

Done speaking!

Feng Wu rolled up her sleeve and the whip in her hand was just like a silver dragon dancing in the breeze!

Crack crack crack!

One after another whiplash sounded!

Without exception, one after another whip fell on Feng Liu's body!

Feng Wu did not use the least bit of spirit force, because she still did not want to reveal her biggest trump card at this time. Therefore, she merely used the original muscle strength in her body.

As a level eight spirit master, her body's physical strength might not have been enough. However, after her Divine Phoenix Blood refined her level eight spirit master body, its strength was no small matter!

Each lash of the whip drew loud painful wails from Feng Liu!

Tears surged and rolled down!

Feng Xun and Jun Lin Yuan glanced at each other——-

Feng Xun originally wanted to rush over, but seeing Feng Wu holding the upper hand, he no longer needed to help her out of her predicament.

The arrogant Crown Prince Jun was waiting for Feng Wu to open her mouth and request his help. Therefore, it was even less likely for him to take the initiative to stand up on her behalf.

However, no one expected that facing a level six spirit master like Feng Liu, Feng Wu steadily gained the upper hand: Even when Feng Yi Ran, who was close to being a spirit ancestor, stepped forward, she surprisingly also could force him to retreat!

Jun Lin Yuan looked at Feng Wu's obviously swelling right wrist and his gloomy, unclear eyes remained profoundly undecipherable! But they distinctly concealed a thin layer of anger!

Feng Liu was in so much pain that she rolled about on the ground and wailed unceasingly.

Feng Yi Ran glared at Feng Wu rigidly. "Stop! Stop!"

But he also merely yelled with his mouth and did not move forward to block her.

Because half of his arm was paralyzed. Lowering his head to look, it turned completely greenish grey. It was a shocking sight and made him terrified.

Feng Wu directly swung the whip twenty times. The whipped Feng Liu almost fainted to death before the whip finally smashed heavily into Feng Liu's face. She laughed coldly. "Next time, if I catch you bullying my family members again, this process will be multiplied ten times. Try it again if you dare!"

The silver whip smashed into the tip of Feng Liu's nose and produced two rows of blood trailing down her nose. It looked especially scary.

Feng Liu was thoroughly frightened by Feng Wu's actions and found it difficult even to weep.

People at the scene were also thoroughly shocked and were unable to collect their thoughts for a very long time due to Feng Wu's domineering actions.

Uncle Qiu and Nanny Zhao glanced at each other. Indescribable, pleasant surprise reflected in their eyes!

That willful, brash Fifth Young Lady from those days……had returned!

Very good!

Uncle Qiu and the others were moved to tears, their eyes glistening.

With the Fifth Lady standing up again, their second branch of the family could hold their heads high again and not be afraid of anyone anymore.

Feng Xun was also startled by these actions from Feng Wu……he had always thought that Feng Wu was a weak and delicate little paper doll, yet he did not expect this girl to explode so ruthlessly. Just now, the way that whip lashed made his hairs stand on end as he watched, sweating cold bullets on Feng Liu's behalf.

"Little Wu, boo hoo hoo——-" Beautiful Mother pulled Feng Wu's hand and shook it for a bit.

Just a moment ago, Feng Wu's face was still dark and demonic, like an Asura from hell. At this moment, it changed one hundred eighty degrees to a soft face on which appeared a refreshing kind of warm smile. "Mother, don't worry, I'm here."

"Yes!" Her mother wholeheartedly relied on Feng Wu, just like a delicate parasitic flowering vine.

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