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Chapter 272: Jun Little Helper

"Do you think you're some kind of master of this continent? Every single person all stand in a line just for a chance to like you? ! I, Feng Wu, did not like you previously, don't like you now, and will not like you even more in the future!"

Jun Lin Yuan stared blankly in place, so much so that he forgot to react.

Was he slapped?

He was surprisingly slapped by someone? !

Moreover, he already said that he'd take responsibility, why was this girl still like a little lion?

Should she not snatch this happiness?

Only women and narrow minded people were difficult to get along with, these words from the sages were very true!

Crown Prince Jun also expressed that he was angry!

"You should think about it properly!" Crown Prince Jun cast an overbearing glance at Feng Wu, turned around, then left!

Think about it?

Think your sister (milder version of 'your mom' or 'your ass')!

Feng Wu was so angry that she yelled loudly!

The sky gradually darkened and descended. The mountain road was originally difficult to travel, let alone at night time.

Feng Wu was in a rage and just charged forward recklessly. Very quickly, she directly ran into several silver horned boars.

The silver horned boars were unbearably hungry. Seeing a single young human girl, they immediately happily thought that they could bully her. Thereupon, they charged towards her with a loud clamor!

The force of impact of four silver horned wild boars exploding out was extremely frightening!

At this moment, fire was stifled in Feng Wu's chest.

What did he mean her right to like him?

What did he mean but please restrain your behavior?

What did he mean avoid causing him complications?

What did he mean he could reluctantly take responsibility?

Haha haha, she, Feng Wu, had met so many people, but never once had she met such a narcissistic person!

That truly made her angry!

As quick as lightning, Feng Wu made a move with her hands!

She did not use a sword. Using a sword was incapable of giving vent to the rage in her heart!

From beginning till end, Feng Wu only used her fist.

Rumble rumble!

Each fist was followed by another fist!

That very small fist seemed to contain an infinite amount of heavenly power!

With one fist, an eye socket was smashed!

Rumble rumble!

Crash crash crash—-

There were originally only four wild boars, but following the activity here, there came more and more wild boars until finally, there were surprisingly over a hundred of them!

In normal times, Feng Wu certainly wouldn't zealously continue fighting, instead turning around and ran!

Because the rank of these silver horned wild boars were not the least bit weak. Under their attacks, she might not necessarily have been able to escape.

However, the current Feng Wu was lured by anger, her eyes scarlet red, her rationality nearly gone!

Rumble rumble!

She only knew to attack!



Seeing these wild boars, she imagined them as Jun Lin Yuan's face!

One boar per fist. The bombardment specifically revealed her anger!

More and more wild boars gathered. Gradually, there were more than several hundred of them, however——

People were afraid of the unexpected. Wild boars were also afraid of those who did not fear death!

As a matter of fact, Feng Wu violently struck without fear of death, giving these silver horned wild boars a very terrifying visual impact!

Clearly, their throng could have Feng Wu killed many times over, however, now that they watched Feng Wu's crazy, fearless fighting style, the silver horned wild boars were practically frightened off!

They turned around and ran, scattering like birds———-

They even continually spread information to each other: there was a crazy girl behind them!

That girl was insane!

Very, very frightening!

Quickly run!

Feng Wu didn't know at all that she brought about such a shocking effect to this herd of silver horned wild boars. She only glared at them with those scarlet red eyes and it would lead to a scene of bloody terror, a crazy massacre!

When her scarlet angry eyes dispersed and returned to a tranquil state——

What could be seen by the eyes was that the felled silver horned boars, one after another, covered the ground as far as the eyes could see.

Moreover, the heads of these silver horned boars completely exploded!

Brains burst open!

Pairs of eyes opened wide!

Died but unwilling to close their eyes (died aggrieved)!

Feng Wu regained her normalcy.

She disbelievingly gazed at this scene before her……..

She looked at her own hands, then looked again at those fallen silver horned boars before her eyes.

There were still several silver horned wild boars standing at their original place. They faced Feng Wu's eyes, instantly——-

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