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Chapter 271: Please Remember Your Own Status

Feng Wu saw that she was going to be lifted upwards by Jun Lin Yuan……


At the moment of life and death!

Both of Feng Wu's hands embraced Jun Lin Yuan as each of her leg was placed on each side of his muscular and distinctly lean waist. Descending from up high, she adhered to his body and rapidly seized Jun Lin Yuan's breath!

In an instant——Jun Lin Yuan's brain blanked out!

The first time they kissed, they merely touched lightly.

The second time they kissed, it was because he didn't want her to make a sound.

This was the third time!

Feng Wu coughed so much that she felt unwell and took the initiative to invade between Jun Lin Yuan's lips and teeth and plundered. She plundered his finite store of oxygen.

Someone as pure and noble as Jun Lin Yuan presently extended both hands straight out as his whole body stiffened——

He could clearly feel that his waist was locked up by a powerful strength!

He could clearly feel that his heartbeat was so fast that his heart nearly jumped out of his thoracic cavity!

Feng Wu……unexpectedly, Feng Wu had such a big impact on him?

If it was merely one time, Jun Lin Yuan still wouldn't be certain, but once, twice, three times, and his reaction was stronger each time. This was sufficient to prove that Feng Wu was not the same to him as the others!

However, even Jun Lin Yuan himself was unable to clearly explain his own state of mind.

When did Feng Xun and Xuan Yi leave, no one knew.

Feng Wu only knew that as she was choking to the point of almost fainting and was lifted out of the water's surface by Jun Lin Yuan.

"Cough cough cough——cough cough cough cough——" Feng Wu coughed very, very loudly, so much that a part of her lung almost got coughed up, but she still exhausted all of her strength to punch at Jun Lin Yuan's stomach. "You……why did you…… carry me out here…….how embarrassing……"

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of deep, black eyes locked on Feng Wu, as he spoke overbearingly with a disdainful tone of voice. "They already left early on."

After saying this, he spun around and then sat on top of that rock.

Feng Wu's entire body was devoid of strength. It was still very difficult to climb up the rock, so she lay down, gasping for very, very big mouthfuls of breath.

She was somewhat puzzled. Could it be that she misread him a moment ago at the bottom of the water?

At that time, even though Jun Lin Yuan looked overbearing, still, the gaze that he looked at her with was more gentle, so much so that she totally had a kind of misperception…….

But at present, he again returned to being that callous, overbearing, insufferably arrogant, aloof and remote, 'strangers don't come near' Crown Prince. The aura from his entire body was powerful enough to be scary.

Jun Lin Yuan stared at Feng Wu as that scene just now which caused him to be stumped for words appeared in his mind.

He unexpectedly had such a large reaction towards Feng Wu?

As far as a powerful cultivator whose only goal was to reach the peak of martial dao was concerned, how could this be possible?

The gaze Jun Lin Yuan locked on Feng Wu gradually became colder until finally, it changed ice-cold as frost.

"Feng Wu." Jun Lin Yuan fixed his attention on Feng Wu, the light in his pupils hidden in depth, chilly. "You indeed have pretty good looks, however, please remember your own status!"

"What?" Feng Wu glared at Jun Lin Yuan. For a period of time, she was somewhat unable to react.

"Liking me is your right, but I ask that you restrain your own behavior in order to avoid causing complications for me!" Jun Lin Yuan stared at Feng Wu profoundly and warned her seriously.

"However, I've seen your body after all, so, I can reluctantly take responsibility for you." Crown Prince Jun arrogantly stated.

Feng Wu. "……"

She didn't say anything as she raised her hand and slapped Jun Lin Yuan's face!


From childhood to adulthood, Crown Prince Jun had suffered a beating before, but he had never been slapped in the face by anyone!

The distinctive sound of a slap echoed and an inflamed palm print was added to Jun Lin Yuan's face.

Feng Wu exhausted all of her strength for this slap!

She was truly very angry!

"Jun Lin Yuan!" Feng Wu stood up and towered over him as the index finger of her right hand pointed at him. "You're simply an insufferable bully!"

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