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Chapter 257: Dumb Short VS Little Bumpkin

"Your little tiger younger brother is too amusing. Look at it, look at it, it even puffs out its cheeks with an awfully arrogant appearance. Oh my gosh, it's truly going to kill me from laughing. This little child's really going to succeed perfectly!"

Feng Wu sighed speechlessly, who could say it wasn't true? If the little fella wasn't such a monstrous goblin, could she have suffered from its tricks time and time again?

It looked entirely innocent and absolutely adorably plump with its cute steamed bun shaped face. It appeared so adorable that it ruined a person's heart…….but it'll soon become a goblin inside.

"Oh yeah, what's the name of your tiger ?" Feng Xun asked smilingly.

Feng Wu raised her head, and saw that at some point in time, Jun Lin Yuan already came over and was standing behind Feng Wu.

The night pearls' light fell on his face, illuminating that face of his with originally three dimensional features became even more hidden in depth, just like a finely crafted sculpture made by the Gods, uncommonly handsome, outstanding and unrivaled.

That pair of flaming hot eyes, due to the close distance, became even more like a leaping flame, watching Feng Wu intently.

Feng Wu avoided looking straight at him, as if she didn't see him. She deliberately said to Feng Xun. "My little tiger cub's name, um……since it's so stupid, in addition, its three horizontal stripes is short a stroke, then let's just call it 'Er Que (Dumb Short)'".

"Pfff——" Feng Xun was holding a cup of tea that he was drinking. After hearing these, a mouthful sprayed out at once!

Luckily, the little tiger cub was embraced in Feng Wu's bosom. She subconsciously held up the little tiger cub to block. The pitiful little tiger cub was sprayed a forehead full of water……

That little face was stupefied……

"Ha haha, haha haha haha——" Feng Xun was rapidly turning crazy with laughter. His body trembled endlessly as he covered his belly. "My God, my God, oh my goodness, little Feng Wu, do you hate tiger little brother that much? Ha haha haha——"

"Is this name not good?" Feng Wu tilted her head and thought about it. "I feel that this name is quite good."

Feng Wu's gaze shot across Feng Xun's face and passed by Jun Lin Yuan, but she saw that on his icy face, the corners of his mouth faintly curved into an arc.

Jun Lin Yuan was smiling?

Was he really smiling?

This Crown Prince Jun who could shake the world with his anger, who was cold, indifferent, and emotionless, unexpectedly also had a moment when he could laugh?

However, when Feng Wu looked more closely, she discovered that on his handsome face, thin lips were pursed, fiery gaze was like fire, where was the smile she thought he showed?

Therefore, was it a misperception just now?

Having heard this name, the little tiger cub wasn't happy at all. Its plump body turned over in Feng Wu's bosom and confronted her. That pair of innocent, black, bright eyes fixed on her with eyebrows creased. It shook its plump little head, and shook it again.

No way.

The little tiger cub expressed its objection.

Feng Wu poked its forehead. "You really don't like the name 'Er Que'?"

The little tiger cub surprisingly truly understood. It 'mn mn mn' did its best to nod!

What a joke, this was a name that was actually going to follow it for a lifetime, how could it be decided so carelessly?

It's owner understood well as she nodded. "The name 'Er Que (Dumb Short)' is truly too stupid sounding. When it's being used, other people might even think that someone's cursing somebody. No good. This name truly is not good."

Yes yes yes! The little tiger cub nodded earnestly. It wholeheartedly thought that its owner would change its name to one that's mighty and extremely cool, just like something like 'Jun Tian Xia (Lord of the World)'.

However, its owner clearly wasn't leaning towards that direction as she shot a glance at the little tiger's forehead and said carelessly. "Isn't the word 'earth' on your forehead? That's it! Your official name will be called Feng Tu Tu ( When spoken out loud, Feng Tu Tu is also a homonym for 'Crazy Bumpkin'), your nickname will be Little Tu ('Little Earth', also a slang for 'Little Bumpkin'). This name is both amiable and down to earth. Good, very good."

"Pfff——" When he heard Feng Wu choosing a name again, Feng Xun already erupted in laughter again!

"Ow, oh my God, Feng Xun covered his belly and straightforwardly yelled 'ow ouch'. "Feng Tu Tu (sounds like 'Crazy Bumpkin'), ha haha haha, Feng Tu Tu, haha haha haha——"

PS: Is Er Que good, or Feng Tu Tu good?

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