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Chapter 256: Hahahahaha——-

Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu as a tinge of pity as well as sympathy appeared in his eyes.

Feng Wu looked back. "What're you doing? You're not the one who chose it?"


"Then Xuan Yi did?"

"Not him either."

Feng Wu's heart suddenly speeded up, besides Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, the person who chose this name was practically at the point of being disclosed. "……"

That pair of fiery eyes locked onto her, bitingly cold and sharp, just like a monster hidden in the dark, watching a person thoroughly get panicked.

Feng Wu chuckled dryly twice, then changed the subject. "Oh right, what did you give the little tiger cub to drink? Smells like there's some spirit essence, but also as if it isn't merely spirit essence."

But Feng Xun was rotten. He certainly didn't intend to let Feng Wu slide. "Why don't you guess again. If you guess correctly who chose the name, I'll tell you."

Isn't he clearly digging a pit for her, not only that, it's an obvious pit.

Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun turned towards her and made a face, a spoiled youngster's mischievous appearance.

Feng Wu supported her forehead. How could she forget, this youngster in front of her was indeed the capital's famous little despot born with a silver spoon. How could she have considered him as a simple, benevolent little sheep?

But Feng Wu precisely wanted to avoid mentioning the name Jun Lin Yuan, thus she walked over, half squatted by little tiger cub's side, and prepared to observe it carefully.

"Quickly take a step back!" Feng Xun cried out in alarm. "Lord of the World is very protective of its food. At that distance, it'll think that you're fighting for its food. It'll throw its Glory Distinct Fire at you!"

Feng Wu then already crouched by Lord of the World's side. At such a close distance, Lord of the World was preoccupied with poking the little tiger cub for fun and didn't reject her at all.


Feng Xun was confused as he looked at the scene before him.

This couldn't be right!

Lord of the World certainly was both overbearing and arrogant. He actually personally gave the little tiger cub spirit water and already acted as its father and mother. Was that easy?

Yet previously, when Lord of the World was eating, his finger moved a just little bit closer, but was nearly burned by the Glory Distinct Fire it shot out! This little bastard was as rotten as they come!

Yet right now, Feng Wu moved so close, but it unexpectedly didn't act out? How strange!

At this time, not only was Feng Wu at close range, she was even reaching out her hand to gently stroke Lord of the World's fluffy, soft and furry, yet very formidable head.

"Don't touch!" Feng Xun jumped over. "Lord of the World is very arrogant, doing that will cause it to bite you ah ah ah——"

However, what Feng Xun found hard to believe was that Feng Wu extended her hand to pet Lord of the World, but that ruthlessly cool, violent, tyrannical Sir Lord of the World not only didn't shoot fire at Feng Wu, it surprisingly even rubbed itself against the palm of her hand. It's pink little tongue **** Feng Wu's palm, appearing like a cow licking its calf fondly.

Feng Xun simply. "! ! !"

His entire body jumped up. "No way? It really didn't bite? Not only did it not bite you, it even licked you?"

Feng Wu looked at Feng Xun innocently. "How can you bad mouth Lord of the World like that? It's really well-behaved, really obedient."

Little tiger cub saw Feng Wu and tiger older brother's interaction and suddenly became anxious. In an instant, it charged over, sat in Feng Wu's embrace, and expressed that Feng Wu belonged to it!

Tiger older brother slapped with one paw and the little tiger cub smashed into the ground again with a 'kapow' sound. Feng Wu pained from hearing that sound.

However, the little tiger cub seemed to not be harmed at all as it slipped away and crawled up, then charged up to sit in Feng Wu's embrace, to the extent it even used its paws to take Feng Wu's hand and placed her hand on its belly, to show that it was favored. After that, its arrogantly lifted up its chin, provoking tiger elder brother!

Feng Wu. "……"

This little tiger cub was truly really……

"Ha haha haha——" Feng Xun watched and suddenly belched out loud. He said to Feng Wu

(TN: The chapter ended like this, I swear!

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