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Chapter 250: How Was It? How Was It?

What Boss Jun disliked the most was to travel with strangers?

Could it be that to Boss Jun, Feng Wu wasn't a stranger? !

Especially unfamiliar young ladies?

Wasn't Feng Wu a young lady? !

Yan Yan's heart was unreconciled, dissatisfied, entirely riddled by jealousy. She was so angry that she nearly lost her mind and was driven mad!

At this time, Feng Wu already finished examining Madam Ning and came out with a tranquil and calm expression.

Feng Xun hurried forward to meet her. "How was it? How was it? How's my younger aunt?"

As Feng Wu fetched some soap to wash her hands, she opened her mouth emotionlessly. "Madam Ning's poison has already been more or less neutralized. It's just that the tiny bit of poison left in her body depends on drinking medicine in order to completely clear it out."

Finished speaking, Feng Wu used her eyes to direct attention to the table top. On that table was the prescription that she'd just finished writing.

Madam Yan watched Feng Wu lower her head to wash her hands. That pair of strict and severe eyes seemed somewhat complicated.

The first impression she had of Feng Wu was very bad. Later on, she again picked on her in many ways, speaking maliciously to her face, yet this lass didn't say a single word. Nevertheless, she saved so many people anonymously……

Compared to Feng Wu, she was truly……

Madam Yan smiled bitterly. She gazed at Feng Wu solemnly. "Miss Feng, many thanks to you. After returning to the capital, if you encounter any trouble, just come the the Yan mansion. My Yan family certainly won't make light of our responsibility to help where we can."

After saying this, Madam Yan handed a very small wood badge to Feng Wu.

The wood badge was about the size of a palm. On it was engraved a huge falcon. This falcon's eyes were submerged deep and penetrating!

Feng Xun's heart skipped a beat, snatched the wood badge then stuffed it into Feng Wu's hand. "This is really good stuff, just accept it first."

Yan Yan was extremely angry, and seized that wood badge away from Feng Wu's hand. She spoke panting with rage. "Who doesn't that this is good stuff? This is the badge used to withdraw money from the Yan family's businesses! Using this badge, it's possible to withdraw a hundred thousand taels! I don't even have this badge, why should it be given to you!"

Madam Yan was so angry that she almost slapped Yan Yan's head!

Was she stupid? !

Or had she never been concerned about this mother of hers? !

The reason why Madam Yan gave her this badge, besides to thank Feng Wu for her life saving grace this time, what's most important was still so that she could buy her own life!

When they met for the first time, Feng Wu had informed her of her illness, but at that time Madam Yan was extremely disdainful towards Feng Wu. Not only did she not believe her, she even humiliated her instead. However, later on, Feng Wu had proven herself time and time again. Her medical expertise was absolutely at the highest peak. Therefore, every night, Madam Yan dreamed of her own death from the serious illness……therefore, that's why her attitude towards Feng Wu changed so quickly.

Madam Yan glared at Yan Yan!

During all of those times, she'd always been at the scene. Could she be so unconcerned about her own mother like this?,

The more she thought, the more Madam Yan became bitterly disappointed.

After she left the courtyard, Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu. He wanted to speak, but hesitated.

Feng Wu also didn't ask and only smilingly waved her hand. "Today, we're going to set off. Then let's meet at the capital."

However, Feng Wu hadn't taken many steps when Feng Xun yelled for her to stop. "Little Wu——"

"Hm?" Feng Wu subconsciously turned her head around.

"You……" Feng Xun paused then paused before continuing. "You already finished examining my younger aunt. How about you also take a look at Boss Jun on the way?" Right now, Feng Xun already knew Feng Wu's temperament. This girl truly say one thing while thinking another. Actually, how much did her heart wanted to approach Boss Jun? Yet she just blocked her own feelings and pretended to not care.

Once he said this, Feng Wu's first reaction certainly would be to decline.

Sure enough——

Feng Wu currently wished that she could stay far away from Jun Lin Yuan, thus she subconsciously waved her hand right away. "There's nothing wrong with your Boss Jun. His body's ability to restore itself is better than anyone else's. He only needs to rest in bed for three days and he'll be able to recover on his own. I won't be going, then."

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