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Chapter 249: Return to the Capital Together?

Feng Wu said in her heart. It's exactly because she knew that Jun Lin Yuan would be bedridden for three days that she decided to leave earlier. That way, everybody didn't need to journey together as a group. There would also be a lot less awkwardness on the road.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu silently helped Little Rainbow Phoenix light a candle.

Yan Yan just happened to enter and heard these words spoken by Feng Xun. At once, she was moved. "Cousin, are you guys returning to the capital? Are you setting out after three days? That's great, that's great. I'll go tell Mother that we're joining you on the journey back to the capital!"

Yan Yan was so happy that she's just about insane!

Wasn't this an opportunity that's delivered right to her door? This is what was called the pavillion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first. On this journey back to the capital, she could approach closer to Jun Lin Yuan, at that time——

The more Yan Yan thought about it, the more her face turned red, tenderly and delicately, extremely bashfully.

Feng Wu wordlessly cast a glance at Yan Yan and hiddenly made a decision in her heart. She must avoid joining Feng Xun and the rest of them on the journey, otherwise, there'd be no lack of trouble on the road.

Feng Wu didn't say anything, and just went to take a look at Madam Ning.

Feng Xun turned his head and looked at Yan Yan. His deep, double-lidded eyes didn't blink for an instant as he stared at the young lady submerged in her own fantasies. "Yan Yan, you……"

"No!" Feng Xun hadn't decided what what to use in rejecting Yan Yan when Madam Yan already opened her mouth to object.

Feng Xun and Yan Yan both subconsciously looked towards Madam Yan.

Madam Yan's features, recessed temples, prominent cheekbones, originally already looked solemn and harsh. Now that she made a face she seemed even more ferocious in appearance.

"We're returning to AnYuan Province and living there for a period of time. Hence, our group and Feng Xun's group aren't going in the same direction."

A mother knew her daughter best. How could Madam Yan not know those little thoughts in Yan Yan's heart? Yan Yan wished that she could throw herself on Jun Lin Yuan's body, annoying Madam Yan.

Madam Yan didn't merely feel that Yan Yan lacked moral virtue in her behavior, what's even more important was that Madam Yan could clearly see that Jun Lin Yuan totally didn't feel the slightest interest in Yan Yan at all whatsoever, so much so that she'd fail to even pass as a concubine. Yan Yan was bound to play a part devoid of any happiness.

Therefore, before Yan Yan's feelings could become even more deeply rooted, Madam Yan was determined to separate Yan Yan and Jun Lin Yuan.

Moreover, Madam Yan felt that the child, Ning Chen Xi wasn't bad. Also in terms of the demonstration of sentiments, Madam Ning's temperament was both gentle and mild-mannered. Therefore, she already aimed to have Yan Yan married into the Ning family.

How could Yan Yan understand Madam Ning's meticulous thoughts?

She glared at Madam Ning. "Mother! We only just came from Young Aunt's home, why are we going back there already? If you want to go back there, then you go, I'm not going! I want to follow Cousin Xun and return to the capital!"

Madam Yan coldly smiled. "The poison in your younger aunt's body, don't you want to investigate it? Don't want to take revenge? Wait until this matter has been settled, then we'll all return to the capital together!"

While Madam Yan gave Yan Yan her refusal, she also explained to Feng Xun. "You must not bring your younger cousin to the capital."

Feng Xun was inherently a very easy to get along with person. He could speak cheerfully and wittily to people of higher positions. He could also become 'brothers' anyone from all walks of life, as long as he admired that person.

His didn't exude the distinctive aloofness, nor alienation that people from aristocratic or noble families often possessed. He was easy-going and approachable instead of being artificial, or giving off a feeling of superiority as to be above the world.

His heart genuinely didn't divide people into different ranks based on social status.

However, Yan Yan, this bothersome younger cousin……he truly found her difficult to like. As he was thinking of rejecting her, Madam Yan extended a ladder towards him.

Feng Xun immediately forcefully replied. "Elder Aunt, please be at ease, Yan Yan for sure won't be coming together with us. What's more, I'm returning to the capital with Crown Prince Jun. As everyone knows, what Boss Jun disliked the most was to journey together with strangers, especially unfamiliar young ladies."

Yan Yan immediately froze in place. The door to her mind seemed as if it'd been struck by lightning.

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