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Chapter 248: This Is So Embarrassing

Beautiful Mother was quite delicate, therefore, she was also that demanding when it came to Feng Wu. They had to be meticulous. Therefore, bathing was also a very long process.

Feng Xun had been standing outside the door.

He felt uncomfortable disturbing the warm and harmonious atmosphere within Feng Wu's family previously. After that, Feng Wu then needed to bathe. He felt even more uncomfortable disturbing her. Hence, he'd been standing by the door without knowing how long he'd been standing there.

Until Feng Wu came back out completely changed.

Feng Xun heard the sounds transmitted from inside and finally knocked on the door.

Nanny Zhao opened the door to discover that it was Feng Xun and immediately asked. "Young Prince Feng, do you need something?"

Feng Wu actually had always known that Feng Xun was standing outside the door, but, after the affair from yesterday, she subconsciously didn't want to get in touch with Jun Lin Yuan's people. Therefore, she deliberately gave Feng Xun the cold shoulder, hoping that he would leave voluntarily.

"Is Little Wu here?" Feng Xun asked politely.

From inside, Feng Wu directly rolled her eyes.

Could you not ask whether I'm here or not and just get to the point? After you tell me what the matter is, this young lady could then decide if I'm here or not.

Nanny Zhao had an excellent impression of Feng Xun. She immediately invited Feng Xun inside brimming with enthusiasm. "She's here, she's here, she's here. Our fifth young lady is here."

After Feng Wu took a bath, all of her sweat and weariness had been washed away. Her entire person looked completely refreshed.

Her skin color resembled new snow, her facial features were picturesque, exceedingly refined. In addition to the light makeup, she looked even more extraordinarily gorgeous, an incredible beauty capable of overturning a country!

Nanny Zhao wished that she could bring out this work of art for everyone to admire, and to not have her hidden away in a lady's private room without anyone knowing.

Feng Xun raised his head and saw Feng Wu. He was also stunned by her appearance.

"Are you dumbstruck from looking?" Feng Wu's as fair as jade fingers were waving in front of him.

"Ah——" Only then did Feng Xun come to his senses. "Uh——"

"Is something the matter?" Feng Wu faintly knit her brows. After having experienced yesterday's matter, she wouldn't go see Jun Lin Yuan again. Not going, not going, not going. Therefore, she needed to think of an excuse……

Just when a train of thought bubbled up in Feng Wu's mind, Feng Xun opened his mouth.

Feng Xun got right to the point and said. "Little Wu, my younger aunt truly woke up! Didn't you say yesterday that you'd take a look at her? How come you haven't gone?"

That elegant and exquisite face of Feng Wu's became a bit sluggish.

Feng Xun gazed at Feng Wu in a puzzled manner. "You appear……what expression is that? Can you not go take a look at my younger aunt?"

Feng Wu. "……" Just now, she was thinking that Feng Xun came to drag her to see Jun Lin Yuan, but in the end, he was asking her to go see Madam Ning……

Causing her imagination to roam in her mind, and she's even thinking about how to decline……this is so embarrassing.

"Cough, cough——" Feng Wu coughed softly. "Seems like the time is about right. Let us go see Madam Ning, then."

After she spoke, Feng Xun stood up. Just before she left, she instructed Nanny Zhao and Qiu Ling. "Tidy up, pack up. After I return, we'll set out on our journey and return to the capital."

Even though Nanny Zhao and the others felt that the matter was a bit rushed, they were used to obeying Feng Wu's orders. Thus, they all nodded in agreement.

After she left, Feng Wu discovered that Feng Xun's head had continually hung low as if he's pondering something. She took a puzzled glance at him, but didn't open her mouth to ask.

While they spoke, the two people already arrived at the doorway to the Ning residence.

Feng Xun was at a loss for awhile then asked Feng Wu feebly. "Are you going to enter the capital now?"

Feng Wu nodded. "Mm hm."

"Why not wait another couple of days……" Feng Xun drummed his cheek. "Didn't you say that Boss Jun needed to stay in bed for three days? Why aren't you waiting until Boss Jun get better, then we can all go to the capital together? We can look after each other better that way, isn't that right?"

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