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Chapter 247: You Leave! You Leave! You Leave!

"You leave! Leave! I don't want to see you anymore! Hoo hoo——" The rainbow phoenix was clearly just a bird, yet presently, it was just like a human child as it sat on the ground. Its tears tumbled down like a broken string of pearls. Those two little wings constantly wiped away tears. It looked dismal, wretched and distressed.

Feng Wu only felt a headache coming on.

If it was any other matter, she was quite willing to help the little rainbow phoenix. Even if it was more dangerous, she would still charge into it, but the problem right now was——

"You're just not going to help me, you're simply treating the little retard better than me! You leave you leave, you leave! I don't want to care about you anymore! Wah wahwah——hiccup——"

Little Rainbow Phoenix wept and wept and even hiccuped.

Just at this moment, the sound of a knock transmitted from outside.

Feng Wu. "……then I'm really leaving?"

Little phoenix. "Hoo hoohoo——"

Feng Wu. "There's someone looking for me outside, so I'm going to go out first. Don't cry——"

Little phoenix. "Wah wahwah——"

It cried even more bitterly.

When Feng Wu withdrew, she only felt fierce vibrations inside her ears. Her eardrums felt like they'd been skewered.

Sigh, little Rainbow Phoenix's state of mind is still quite awful. It's just that, besides playing kiss with Jun Lin Yuan, was there really no other way?

As Feng Wu supported her forehead, she opened the door.

"My Lady——" Qiu Ling saw Feng Wu come out and finally let out a long breath of air.

"Little Wu, Little Wu, hoo hoohoo——" Her mother saw Feng Wu come out and wept sobbingly, but tears didn't tumple down from her eyes in the end.

"Second Madam had always been worried about you. Last night, she didn't sleep at all. The little tiger cub also continuously accompanied her without sleeping——" Qiu Ling explained.

Feng Wu saw that little tiger cub's slightly plump head with its sleepy eyes half closed in a daze, its appearance of wanting to fall asleep, and she couldn't help but feel that it's funny.

Especially that word 'earth (土)' on its forehead, the more she looked at it, the funnier it looked.

Feng Wu's green onion jade-like index finger poked at its forehead. "People who fail at drawing tigers drew them similar to a kind of dog. It failed to write the word 'king (王)' and ended up writing 'earth (土)' instead."

"Ha haha haha——" Everyone at the scene all laughed. The atmosphere suddenly became relaxed and amusing.

Nanny Zhao watched everyone's cheerful conversation and also laughed along with them. She'd always feel that their Fifth Lady was especially good. She inevitably had a charm that could make the people around her feel happy, feel at ease.

"Nanny Zhao, my body is very clammy——" Feng Wu saw Nanny Zhao and immediately held onto her arm while rocking.

Nanny Zhao was like the little tiger whose forehead had been poked by Feng Wu. "The fifth lady is already so grown up now, yet still acts like a spoiled child."

"In Nanny Zhao's presence, I'm forever a child." Feng Wu proudly lifted her chin.

Nanny Zhao was so happy she smiled.

Whose family's Nanny could be like her, having the young lady of the house pull their arm while acting spoiled?

Other families' young ladies dressed and carried themselves in an aloof manner. A young lady like their family's was a lady that's truly good, giving her the feeling that she was needed.

However, Nanny Zhao still kept a straight face and pretended to be solemn as she reprimanded. "Young Fifth Lady, stand like a pine, sit like goblet, walk like a lotus blooms with each step, smile without grinning, speak without……"

"Aiya, Nanny Zhao~" Feng Wu pulled Nanny Zhao's arm. "My body's truly covered with sweat, you feel it, isn't it all sticky and clammy. If the wind blows——"

"If the wind blows, it's very easy for germs to enter the body! Hurry! Qiu Ling, hurry and prepare the bath water——" Nanny Zhao's attention was immediately redirected as she quickly started to prepare.

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