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Chapter 246: You Have Someone New and Now Forgets The Old——

The Rainbow Phoenix shot a displeased glance at Feng Wu. "What I mean to say is that you previously only absorbed one-quarter of this unusual fire. You need to absorb it three more times and combine the other three parts before it can become a complete flame. Its current form is at best a mere fire fragment."

Feng Wu. "! ! !"

That meant she still had to kiss Jun Lin Yuan three more times?

What the hell, is there no mistake? !

"What if I say 'no'?" Feng Wu was sincerely……refusing.

Currently, everybody thought that she liked Jun Lin Yuan and wrapped herself around Jun Lin Yuan. Even if she jumped into the Yellow River, she's unable to wash it clean……and she even had to take the initiative to kiss Jun Lin Yuan?

Moreover, even three times?

How about she just let lightning strike her, it'd be much faster.

The phoenix glared at Feng Wu, glared at her without blinking for a time.

"No no no——" Feng Wu expressed her refusal seriously.

The phoenix glared at Feng Wu and responded furiously. "Everytime I see you getting bullied by people, do you know how worried I get? !"

Feng Wu. "……"

"Everytime I see you getting defeated by other people, do you know how angry I get? !"

Feng Wu. "……"

"Everytime I think about how I can help you fight, yet I'm unable to come out no matter how I try, do you know how sullen I get?"

Feng Wu. "……"

"The distinct fire that originally belonged to me was snatched away by that retard, yet did I say anything?"

Feng Wu. "……"

"So are you still unwilling to help me?" The phoenix complained against her righteously and confidently!

Feng Wu hemmed and hawed. "……it's not that I don't want to help you. The reality is that this matter, he……"

Little Rainbow Phoenix was quite angry as it made a fist. "For you, it's merely a matter of taking a few more bites, yet you used all sorts of excuses, do you really still want to own me or not? I, am, angry!"

Feng Wu's cheeks streamed with tears. "……" How was it a matter of taking a few more bites? That's actually Jun Lin Yuan! The Jun Lin Yuan whose anger could turn the world upside-down, argh argh argh!

Feng Wu inhaled a deep breath and attempted to explain this matter. "This affair isn't as simple as you think it to be. The main thing is……"

"Boo hoo, it's not so simple, so you're not going to help me, right? In your heart, there's simply not even a little place for me, right? I, simply, have, no, place, in, your, heart!" Little Rainbow Phoenix put both hands on its hips. That pair of pretty bird's eyes nearly shot out flames.

Feng Wu. "……just don't get so emotional!"

The little phoenix grew up together with Feng Wu. It had always liked to stand on Feng Wu's shoulder, or sometimes on top of her head. One person and one bird were extremely happy, therefore it understood Feng Wu well.

"You you you……" Since the tough approach didn't work, it tried the soft approach. It pursed its lower lip as eyes moistened and wept passionately. It looked towards Feng Wu miserably. "You have someone new and now forgets the old, hoo hoo——"

The reality was indeed this way.

In those days, the little rainbow phoenix followed Feng Wu, one bird, one person. In addition to Beautiful Master, they were like a family. Other people were unable to merge in, but now, it saw Feng Wu getting bullied yet was unable to help her fight. Moreover, it even saw the little retard with a baby bottle hanging around its neck. It so happened that this little retard even snatched away its distinct fire.

Just thinking about it made it heart and mind burn. It felt extremely aggrieved!

The more it thought about it, the more Rainbow Phoenix felt deeply hurt, the more it thought, the more it felt wronged. It sobbed 'wah' out loud, tears tumbling down. It looked as pitiful as pitiful could be.

Feng Wu distressfully kneaded the space between her brows. She truly……maybe she's used to coaxing her mother ever since she was small, but once the people she cared about cried, her heart just softens.

"Aiya, don't cry, don't cry, look at you, the feathers on your face are all wet, how embarrassing. In any case, you're a little male. A boy shouldn't cry even when he bleeds, you know?"

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