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Chapter 245: Still Want To Kiss Again?

"No, I haven't bitten into anything……" This was the first time in Feng Wu's life that she spoke somewhat stammeringly.

The little rainbow phoenix casted a displeased glance at Feng Wu. "What in the world did you bite into? You go so far as to hem and haw about it, trying to hide something?"

Feng Wu glared at the little phoenix. "Who, who's hemming and hawing? What in the world are you trying to say? Does this have anything to do with your Distinct Fire?"

"It's entirely related!" It was hard for the little phoenix to hide the excitement in its heart as it tugged Feng Wu's hand and replied excitedly. "Do you know? Previously, you……after who knows what you bit into, but within your body, there's unexpectedly an additional little flame!"

"Huh? Is there?" Feng Wu didn't even discover it herself.

"You surprisingly haven't discovered it? !" The little rainbow phoenix stared at Feng Wu. "Close your eyes and use your heart to feel inside your divine sea. Is there an additional tiny little isolated island in there? On that tiny little island is a little flame like a lighthouse when sailing at night. Do you see it?" The little rainbow phoenix was a bird that Beautiful Master found somewhere. Even though its character was a bit violent, its perception, nevertheless, was exceptionally sharp.

In accordance with the phoenix's instruction, Feng Wu really actually found it!

It was truly just like what the little phoenix said. There was only a tiny little sprout of a very small and weak, swaying in back and forth little fire, as if it'd go out the moment winds blew on it.

"This……how is there such a thing? Can it be that it came from my body?" Feng Wu subconsciously asked.

The little rainbow phoenix rolled its eyes at once. "You sure know how to dream."

"Then how……"

"Before today, this little flame wasn't in your body, yet. Therefore, why don't you try to remember. Before today, just what kind of unusual thing happened? Maybe you ate something? Touched something?"

Feng Wu hadn't eaten anything today and the only thing she touched was Jun Lin Yuan……

Feng Wu's mind drew a complete blank, could it be that, when she gave mouth to mouth to Jun Lin Yuan previously, she inadvertently took out a tiny little flame?

The rainbow phoenix was still supplementing her with ideas. "The original owner of this little flame possessed deep and unmeasurable strength. His nature is also reserved and aloof, unfathomable, and is even especially proud. When I tried to come in contact with it previously, it unexpectedly arrogantly refused to acknowledge me, humph!"

Feng Wu. "……"

The rainbow phoenix cried out in alarm. "Huh? This strange fire. Unexpectedly, there's even a mixture of thunder and lightning attribute within it? Who the hell lost this strange little flame, they're simply letting us off lightly!"

Feng Wu kneaded the space between her eyebrows.

Deep and unmeasurable strength, reserved and aloof disposition, especially arrogant, mixture of thunder and lightning and fire attributes……these factors described a person who could overturn an era and extinguish the earth——Jun Lin Yuan.

Why was it……

She tried every possible way to deny any relationship with him, why was it that she was unable to cut off their relationship and had instead become more mixed up with him?

And at this moment, the phoenix was still telling Feng Wu. "This unusual flame, I want precisely this unusual flame! Except for it, I don't want anything else! ! ! Boo hoo hoo, I really want it, I want it!"

Feng Wu silently massaged the space between her eyebrows. "Then why don't you take it."

"It's currently still too small." The rainbow phoenix shook its head. "It won't fuse. Must wait for it to grow bigger."

"Then why don't you wait until it becomes bigger." Feng Wu felt that this little devil was too difficult please, with too many demands.

"So you have to quickly help it grow bigger." The rainbow phoenix's pair of excited and emotional eyes gazed at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu. "What do you mean?"

"Just like yesterday, eat more of it!" The phoenix clenched its fist exceedingly excitedly. "It won't grow on its own. Currently, it's only a fourth of its size, you understand."

"I don't understand, I don't understand, I don't understand……" Feng Wu's brain froze. "What do you mean eat it? Why is it only a fourth of its size? Tell me clearly!"

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