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Chapter 227: Other People's Children

Feng Xun speed was as quick as lightning. He turned and instantly captured Little Huan!

"Jaw!" Feng Wu warned him. Immediately, Feng Xun reacted and directly dislocated Little Huan's jaw.

Nanny Qu stepped forward and raised her hand to slap Little Huan. "It's surprisingly you? ! Why is it you? !" Following this slap from Nanny Qu, a white pill flew out from Little Huan's mouth and tumbled on the floor. It was a white pill that was already bitten into. Inside was a pitch black powder that produced an unpleasant fishy stink.

Just now, if it wasn't for Feng Wu's reminder, Little Huan would've already swallowed this pill and her mouth would've closed forever.

"Woo woo woo——" Little Huan's hands were twisted behind her. Her slim body still exploded with an incomparably powerful force as she did everything she could to struggle!

Her face was malevolent and distorted, as that pair of flaming gaze fixed rigidly at Feng Wu. She wished that she could choke Feng Wu to death.

Facing her anger, Feng Wu was unperturbed and unhurried.

Madam Yan was already so angry that she's going insane. "Concubine Chu! It must be Concubine Chu! That lowly woman surprisingly dared to harm my younger sister. Would I spare her? !"

If possible, Madam Yan wished that she could return at once and choke Concubine Chu to death with her own hands.

Watching Madam Yan and company carry out punishment and extort a confession from Little Huan, Feng Wu knitted her brows and spoke indifferently. "I'm not interested in the matters within your household. Drag her out and slowly investigate the matter."

Yan Yan shot a glance at Feng Wu and muttered. "How noble and virtuous, you really think that you're so……"

"Pow!" Madam Yan slapped Yan Yan's forehead and she warningly glared at Yan Yan, before she smiled at Feng Wu. "My younger sister, she……"

"She won't die." Feng Wu gave her guarantee.

"Then we're troubling Miss Feng with matters here." Madam Yan brought Yan Yan away.

Just as they exited the door, Madam Yan lowered her voice and glowered at Yan Yan. "Pay careful attention to your words in the future!"

"Pay attention to what?"

"Be a bit more respectful to Miss Feng. This mouth of yours will cause trouble sooner or later."

"Why should I be respectful to a useless person like her? Is she worth my respect?"

"Yan Yan, things having reached this stage, don't tell me that you still can speak such nonsense with eyes open? Have you already forgotten everything that happened today? Has jealousy completely burned away your brains?" Madam Yan's voice was unprecedentedly strict!

"Yes, Miss Feng is unable to cultivate, however, in all other aspects, her accomplishments could be said to be at a genius level! She could even be said to be a genius among geniuses. Are you not convinced?"


"I'm telling you, don't you refuse to accept it. Just in terms of a formations, that grade formations master could only bow down before her. If it wasn't for her repair of the Assembly Pagoda at that critical time, all of us at Winding Peace City would've mostly died. You and I possibly would've lost our lives at the scene of this demonic beast tide."

"Can it be that serious……"

"There's also her medical expertise. You already saw it. The medical skills that Miss Feng displayed are already beyond that of the Advanced Medical Master level. It's quite possible that she's at the grandmaster level!

The future prospects of a medicine master at that level at this young age is incredible!"

"Mother! Can you not praise her? ! I'm not happy listening to it!" Yan Yan was so angry that she stomped her feet.

Madam Yan wasn't in a good mood as she glanced at her. "You're both young girls. You're even older than her by a few years. How can you be so lacking? If you were one tenth as good as her, then mother would……"

"Mother! How can you start to praise her again! Clearly, when you first saw her, you loathed her a lot!" Yan Yan simply could no longer stand it.

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