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Chapter 215: Heaven Falls and the Earth Rends

Feng Xun was almost stunned!


Clearly, he was much stronger than Feng Wu, so why did this Blood Demon Dragon refuse to acknowledge him at all, and only chased after Feng Wu without letting go?

Wasn't Feng Wu a good-for-nothing? !

No matter how, Feng Xun just couldn't figure it out!

Feng Wu frantically ran forward, pushing her body to the limit!

Dripping cold sweat, her heartbeat sped up as spirit force in her entire body was overdrawn!

Behind her, the sinister and twisted Blood Demon Dragon's eyes shined with excitement and emotional rays of light. It clenched its teeth while pursuing closely, unwilling to let go.

The hard ground was sent flying by the thumb of the Blood Demon Dragon's claw, turning into a very long canal!

Behind the Blood Demon Dragon, Jun Lin Yuan stepped in the air as sword intent arose fiercely and pointed towards the Blood Demon Dragon.

At the point of his sword, the sound of ten thousand thunders and lightning were like artillery shells aimed at the Blood Demon Dragon and shot at its tail!

Jun Lin Yuan struck and injured the Blood Demon Dragon's tail!

Each of his explosive strike could produce a big puff of blood mist, but even if the Blood Demon Dragon's tail was in pain, with flesh and blood flying, nevertheless, it still rigidly insisted on chasing after Feng Wu to kill, clinging on refusing to let to, as if that was its only purpose in life!

The current Feng Wu was quite alarmed in the face of this disaster. A kind of difficult to describe pressure enveloped her whole body.

Because she could feel again and again that in the next second, she might be struck violently. If it wasn't for her perfect mental control, she would've weakened into a clump of mud much earlier on.

However, the heavens also seemed to be set on opposing Feng Wu, because a huge overhanging cliff appeared before her!

Below the overhanging cliff was a deep and immeasurable ravine, shrouded in thick mist, vapors curling up!

Jun Lin Yuan's expression was coldly strict, cold air soaring within his eyes!

His body charged onto the top of Blood Demon Dragon's head!

"Ten Thousand Fathoms of Thunder!" Standing on top of the Blood Demon Dragon's head, Jun Lin Yuan's ten thousand fathoms of sword intent swept out!

The powerfully explosive sword intent directly pointed at the Blood Demon Dragon's spirit cavity.

The sound of thunder rumbled in the air, shaking the heavens and moving the earth!

"Aah!" The Blood Demon Dragon's angry voice roared!

The entire earth resonated with its raging roar.

A sharp and berserk noise, the effect of the sound of the roar was at the same level as a demonic beast tide, shaking the world, piercing through eardrums!

On top of its spirit cavity, blood wildly bubbled forth like a hot geyser. Its two eyes also became deep red.

Feng Wu's body rolled into a ball. From the top of the overhanging cliff, she rolled down along with the collapse of huge boulders!

Seeing this scene, Feng Xun's pair of eyes became scarlet red, as he shouted loudly. "Feng Wu! ! !"

However, in an instant, Feng Wu's body was just like those rocks as she tumbled and disappeared from his eyesight, just like that.

Feng Xun only felt the pit of his stomach shake in pain, his mind stretched taut suddenly snapped and collapsed.

The Blood Demon Dragon finally acknowledged the fact that it was no match for Jun Lin Yuan. After it faced towards the sky and roared, with a swoosh, it turned around on the ground and darted away.

"Want to run? !" With Jun Lin Yuan's powerful cultivation, his frightening power pressed and enveloped downward!

Just like a powerful thunderstorm forcing the Blood Demon Dragon to circle in place!

Bang bang bang!

Spirit force screamed!

Explosive power rushed forth!

Space warped!

The heavens fell and the earth rendered!

The entire heaven and earth seemed to completely rip apart from the tyrannical collisions!

This kind of fight between powerful beings was beyond the use of words to describe.

As Jun Lin Yuan and the Blood Demon Dragon were repeatedly fighting, Feng Xun already flew from the overhanging cliff and charged downward early on as he cried out in alarm. "Feng Wu! Feng Wu! Where are you! If you die, I'll definitely kill the Blood Demon Dragon to avenge you! However, I won't be able to bear it if you died, so where in the world are you? !"

Feng Wu heard Feng Xun's voice and nearly rolled her eyes!

Actually, Feng Wu wasn't swatted down the cliff by the Blood Demon Dragon. Rather, she made a move to jump down the overhanging cliff on her own.

She certainly wasn't taking the initiative to kill herself, rather, Rainbow Phoenix told her that the location of the core of the volcanic eruption was precisely at the base of this overhanging cliff!

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