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Chapter 214: What Feng Xun Couldn't Understand Was——

No matter how, the Blood Demon Dragon didn't expect that this person was surprisingly this cunning!

He used himself as bait and used his wound as the price to cause it to relax and get careless, thereby exposing its achilles heel, to the extent that it was struck down with a single strike!

"Crafty human!" The Blood Demon Dragon bellowed loudly!

It's voice was berserk, thundering into the sky, its murderous aura rising!

Following this bellow, the originally stationary mountain range unexpectedly started to shake violently again!

Once the Blood Demon Dragon turned its head, it could see Feng Wu and Feng Xun standing in the original place. Suddenly, a nameless anger arose in its mind.

This scene where it cut such a sorry figure was surprisingly seen by these two humans. Go to hell!

The Blood Demon Dragon roared wildly, the space in front of it twisted continually.

"Run!" As the mountain range shook violently, Jun Lin Yuan turned around and roared in a stern voice.

However, it was already too late!

That huge claw belonging to the Blood Demon Dragon didn't swat at Jun Lin Yuan, rather, it ferociously smashed towards Feng Wu and Feng Xun!

Jun Lin Yuan was able to withstand it. That didn't mean that Feng Wu and Feng Xun could withstand it.

Therefore, Feng Wu opened her eyes wide and watched as the Blood Demon Dragon bellowed thunderously causing the purple scales on its body to explode outward!

The purple scales were like thousands of arrows that shot out simultaneously!

The entire heaven and earth seemed like it was occupied by purple Blood Demon Dragon scales.

Just at this critical moment.

Puchi puchi!

Feng Wu could clearly see Jun Lin Yuan release a black whirlwind which engulfed the countless numbers of purple scales, but in the end, the black whirlwind still missed a few scales!

If this purple Blood Demon Dragon scale were to hit, flesh would inevitably splatter. Immediate death!

"Run!" Spirit qi frantically gathered behind Jun Lin Yuan and erupted into a berserk power all around him.

Seemed like a burst of berserk thunderstorm!

"Run!" Feng Xun saw that Feng Wu was still blanking out at the scene and grabbed her hand right away wanting to run!

But it was still too late!

At the moment the purple Blood Demon Dragon scale almost hit Feng Wu, Jun Lin Yuan's Heaven Punishing Sword arrived!

The Heaven Punishing Sword's bitingly cold strong wind whistled as it approached.

A berserk shockwave pushed the two of them forward!


The Feng Wu and Feng Xun duo were shot forward by the Heaven Punishing Sword's shockwave!

Feng Wu saw that her head was going to bump into a huge boulder, so her body forcibly turned around in the air.

Based on the body position that her back originally was going to land, she actually shifted by several meters.

Due to the fact that several meters ahead was the corpse of the Glory Overlord Tiger, thump!

Feng Wu's head ran into the Glory Overlord Tiger's corpse, producing a violent shaking noise!

Feng Wu only felt a burst of pain in her head as darkness spread before her eyes. She was dizzy and her vision was becoming blurry.

Eh?——Feng Wu suddenly felt that the Glory Overlord Tiger that she bumped into seemed to be a little peculiar.

Could it be that the Glory Overlord Tiger hadn't died?

Feng Wu still hadn't figured it out when Feng Xun already cried out in alarm. "The Blood Demon Dragon caught up to us. Run for it!"

Feng Wu turned her head to look. Sure enough!

That overly large dragon face was only a few meters away from her!

She also didn't know what was going on. Clearly, she and Feng Xun stood together, but this Blood Demon Dragon just insisted on targeting her!

As it turned out, just now, when Jun Lin Yuan was busy dealing with the purple scales, the Blood Demon Dragon took advantage of the situation to chase after Feng Wu.

"Run… Ah!" Feng Xun grabbed Feng Wu and pushed her forward as he turned around and took out the Cold Frost Sword from his back.

"Evil dragon, watch the sword!" The Cold Frost Sword in his hand ferociously stabbed at the Blood Demon Dragon's mouth, smashing onto its tooth. At that time a 'ding' heavily sounded!

However, what Feng Xun couldn't understand was that he provoked the Blood Demon Dragon like that, yet it still pushed him aside and chased after Feng Wu without the slightest hesitation!

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