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Chapter 206: Who's the Real Culprit?

Nanny Qu quickly asked. "Miss Feng. Previously, the bleeding has already been staunched. Why is there bleeding now? This, this, what in the world's happening here?"

Feng Wu stared at Nanny Qu. "This question should be posed to you guys. Clearly, it's already been staunched. Why has the wound opened again? !"

Nanny Qu was also stunned. Indeed, she couldn't figure it out——

"Madam Ning has been poisoned." Feng Wu laughed coldly.

"Poisoned? !" Everyone at the scene looked at Feng Wu in disbelief. How could it be poisoning?

The acupuncture needles in Feng Wu's hand inserted in Madam Ning's throat. Suddenly, deep green blood flowed out.

Deep green blood with a fishy stench. There's no question something's wrong with this blood!

Feng Xun immediately became seriously furious as he charged at Nanny Qu and berated loudly. "Nanny Qu, is this how you guys take care of my Aunty? Such that she's poisoned under your care? !"

Once Feng Xun became angry, he looked murderous, imposing and extremely terrifying!

Nanny Qu and the others were all so scared that their souls scattered and immediately kneeled down on the ground. Furthermore, Nanny Qu cried out in alarm. "How can she be poisoned? Just now, when Miss Feng delivered the babies, the blood was clearly still normal……"

Feng Wu nodded. "That's right. Previously, when the babies were delivered, her blood was still normal. Otherwise, the two babies would've been poisoned. However, there was no trace of poison on their bodies. This is enough to prove that Madam Ning was poisoned during the short time period between the birthing and now. You guys carefully think about it, within this short amount of time, who had touched Madam Ning."

While Feng Wu spoke, she used acupuncture needles to help extradite the poison away from her body.

The extracted deep green blood was enough to fill a bowl.

Feng Wu looked at the dying Madam Ning and shook her head at once. "It's bad if this continues. Madam Ning originally already lost quite a bit of blood during labor. Now that she's experiencing metrorrhagia, the volume of blood in her body is too little. If this continues, she'll die."

"Then what's to be done?" Feng Xun was so worried that his whole head was sweating.

Feng Wu replied. "I need Dragon Tongue Spirit Grass and Nine Mysteries Earth."

"Ok. I'll go look for them!" Feng Xun turned around and was going to rush outside. However, he very quickly became aware that there was a problem as he turned around and asked Feng Wu "Do you know where these two medicinal ingredients can be found?"

Feng Wu solemnly focused on Feng Xun. "Winding Peace City certainly won't have them. Peaceful Remote City also shouldn't have them. However, I know that they exist inside Icebound Forest. Moreover, I know which area."

"Moreover, Madam Ning only has six hours left to live. Four hours to find the herbs, the other two hours to refine it into medicine. Otherwise, Madam Ning will certainly die this time, no doubt about it!"

"Is there no other way?" Feng Xun clenched his teeth to ask.

"Certain death, undoubtedly." Feng Wu shook her head and spoke extremely gravely.

Feng Xun inhaled deeply. "Fine! I'll throw caution to the winds and take you up the mountain. However, you need to guarantee that you absolutely won't run around, you absolutely can't separate more than three meters from my side!"

Feng Wu, a cripple without any strength entering an Icebound Forest that had exploded in a demonic beast tide, any random demonic beast running over, or any wind they stirred up was enough to disintegrate her.

Feng Wu nodded. "Ok. I'll listen to you."

Since it's already been decided, Feng Xun wouldn't delay any longer. He fixed his attention on Madam Yan. "Eldest Aunt. I hope that before we come back, you'll be able to give me an answer!"

This poison, who in the world poisoned her!

Feng Xun certainly must get to the bottom of the matter.

Madam Yan inhaled deeply, her gaze pressured fiercely and was coldly strict. "Naturally!"

Feng Xun pulled Feng Wu and rushed towards Death Canyon at lightning speed. Madam Yan watched Feng Xun and Feng Wu from behind as her brows knitted faintly. These two people's relationship, wasn't it a tiny bit too intimate?

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