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Chapter 205: Naked Resolute Shame!

Madam Ning brought with her no small number of nannies and maids. At this moment, they all looked to Feng Wu very sincerely and beseechingly. Their mouths unceasingly called out Godly Doctress.

Feng Xun raised her head and saw Feng Wu, but right now he already no longer cared to bother with Feng Wu. He only glared at Pill Master Ba Junior. "Why aren't you making a move to save a person! Is your staring able to bring a person back to life? !"

Pill Master Ba's whole face blushed red——

How was he to provide treatment? In front of Feng Wu, wouldn't he be displaying meager skills in front of an expert? However, Young Prince Feng actually dragged him out and even persistently bellowed to have him quickly provide treatment. Wasn't this the same as mocking him?

Pill Master Ba Junior nearly wept from Feng Xun's glare, He waved his hand again and again. "I'm unable to heal her, I'm unable to treat her……"

Feng Xun opened his eyes wide at once. "Unable to treat her? Currently, at Winding Peace City, is there even another person whose medical expertise is higher than yours? You say that you're unable to treat her, are you thinking of watching my young aunt die? ! If you dare to have this idea, then let me kill you first!"

After speaking, with a 'kacha' sound, Feng Xun pulled out his sword.

Pill Master Ba Junior's reddened face nearly dripped with blood.

He was wrong, he'd truly been mistaken……he shouldn't have believed himself to be infallible in the past; he shouldn't have turned his nose up high; even more so, he shouldn't have eyes but failed to see Mount Tai and despised Feng Wu……thinking of how he'd treated Feng Wu in the past, Pill Master Ba Junior wished that he could dig out a hole in the ground and crawl into it.

"I can't provide treatment, but there's someone who can……" Pill Master Ba Junior's head hung low shamefully.

"At this time, in this place, is there a pill refining master who's even more skillful than you? !" Feng Xun anxiously asked.

"There is……"


Swish swish swish——

Momentarily, not only Pill Master Ba Junior, everyone at the scene, without exception, extended their index finger and pointed at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was standing in the middle. Everybody else surrounded her in a circle. Without exception, the index finger of their right hands pointed at Feng Wu.

For a moment, Feng Xun's mind was a bit stunned and didn't react.

"Feng Wu? You know the art of healing?"

At this moment, Feng Wu's heart tensed up! She's worried that Feng Xun would recognize her, but matters had already progressed so far, she also didn't have any other choice. At once, she raised her chin and spoke proudly. "How novel. Five years ago, I already practiced medicine, yet you only know of it now?"

"But is your medical expertise even better than Pill Master Ba Junior's?" Feng Xun expressed disbelief!

Pill Master Ba Junior had been given such a shock that he actually was……waving his hand again and again. "Her medical expertise is better than mine, much better than mine!"

Pill Master Jiang also said. "That's right that's right, Miss Feng's medical techniques are extremely formidable, probably even much better than my master. If it wasn't for Miss Feng during this disaster, more than half of the injured people at our Winding Peace City would've died. However, presently, there's not even a single casualty. All of this credit goes to Miss Feng!"

After this, Pill Master Jiang then briefly recounted what Feng Wu did during the current events.

After hearing this, Feng Xun was immediately stupefied as he pointed at Feng Wu. "Her? Her medical expertise is that formidable? How's this possible?"

Feng Wu spoke joylessly. "In these five years, every single one of you have been cultivating, whereas I've used all of the time to practice medicine. Based on my talent, is it so hard to believe that I have this bit of accomplishment? !"

Once Feng Wu's imposing manner burst forth, Feng Xun's aura was depressed immediately. He wanted to refute, but discovered that he was unable to utter a single sentence in dispute.

In her mind, Feng Wu gave herself a hand gesture signifying 'yay'. In light of these circumstances, Feng Xun simply hadn't associate her with Elder Ba and that ugly girl concocting pills.

Without time to dwell on this, Feng Wu immediately took a look at Madam Ning.

After she examined her for awhile, her brows faintly knit together. "This is not right."

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