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Published at 30th of July 2018 07:41:21 AM
Chapter 204

Chapter 203 was a notice from the author of attending a writer’s convention .

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Chapter 204: Godly Doctress

Yan Yan’s pair of eyes fixed firmly on Feng Wu . She couldn’t figure it out . Clearly, she’s the one who’s Feng Xun’s cousin, yet why did she always feel that……Feng Wu’s actually the one that Cousin was close to? This made her feel an unspeakable envy!

The fires of envy churned in her dantian . Just as those eyes of hers focused on Feng Wu considering things, just when she’s going to erupt——suddenly, an urgent voice was heard approaching——

“Oh no! The madam is bleeding!”

“What? !” Feng Wu recognized this elder lady . She’s Madam Ning’s personal nanny . She took managed of all of Madam Ning’s daily needs, including food and drink and social contacts .

Madam Ning was Feng Xun’s younger paternal aunt . His complexion immediately changed as he grabbed Nanny Qu’s hand . His figure moved like a streak of lightning .

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Nanny Qu immediately became anxious!

She came to call out for that godly doctress, yet the young master pulled her away, this was terrible!

However, Nanny Qu barely opened her mouth when she felt the cold air hit her face . She barely started to speak when she discovered that she already stood inside the main tent .

Nanny Qu . “……”

Feng Xun already rushed to the head of the bed . Seeing Madam Ning on top of the bed, his complexion immediately changed . “Aunty! Aunty, how are you? !”

Madam Ning’s complexion was pale and bloodless, her body was weak, her eyes were also half closed……

“Feng Xun? Has Aunty’s eyesight gone dim? I’m surprisingly seeing my little Feng Xun……”

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Madam Ning’s voice was feeble and tender .

Feng Xun saw the blood flowing unceasingly on top of the bed and penetrating downward . He was so worried he just about hopped about . He charged over and grabbed Pill Master Ba Junior standing at the door to pull him inside . “You, hurry and come inside! What are you hiding from!”

With a pull, Feng Xun brought Pill Master Ba to Madam Ning’s side . He glared at Pill Master Ba and spoke with a stern voice . “What are you doing looking at me? ! The value of a human life can’t be measured, heal her without delay! If you fail to heal her, humph humph!”

Pill Master Ba hadn’t spoke when Nanny Qu by his side replied in a cold voice . “Pill Master Ba certainly won’t do . He won’t be able to heal her . We have to get the godly doctress . ”

“That’s right! Nanny Qu, didn’t you go to get the godly female healer a moment ago? Where’s she?”

Madam Ning’s personal maid was so anxious that she directly stomped her foot .

Nanny Qu reproachfully shot a glance at Feng Xun . If if wasn’t for this Young Master Feng pulling her away without so much as allowing for an word of explanation, she would’ve brought the godly female healer back already .

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Nanny Qu lifted open the tent curtain and saw Feng Wu standing at the doorway .

“Godly Doctress! Quickly quickly! Please hurry and save our madam!”

Nanny Qu hastily went and pull Feng Wu . Once she grabbed her, the strength in her hand was certainly quite significant . She’s afraid that Feng Wu would fly away .

At this moment, Feng Wu’s heart……felt a bit complicated .

Feng Xun was here . If she displayed her exquisite medical skills, would Feng Xun be able to figure out that she was actually that ugly girl? If he recognized her, then that truly would be……

She remembered how Feng Xun once said that Jun Lin Yuan’s group of people came to the border city in order to help that person residing at an important place in his heart, the girl named Jewel, gather an Immortal Spirit Fruit to make medicine . Moreover, not having the Immortal Spirit Fruit endangered her life .

If it was discovered by Jun Lin Yuan and the others that she stole away the Immortal Spirit Fruit and brought about that young girl’s death……Feng Wu simply didn’t dare to imagine this kind of consequence .

This kind of danger, could she risk it?

Just at this time, alarmed shouts emerged from inside!

“Madam! Madam!”

“Aunty! Aunty! Please wake up!”

Feng Wu only felt her heart shake . A medical provider’s universal instinct to heal made her can’t help but allow herself to be pulled by Nanny Qu inside the tent .

“Godly Doctress has come!”

“Godly Doctress, we beg you, please save our family’s Madam!”

“Godly Doctress, you surely have a way to save her, right? !”

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