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Chapter 194: There's Still One Hope

Just at this moment, suddenly, a big tremor burst forth!

Pow swoosh pow swoosh——

Throughout the entire skies, covering the heavens and blotting out the sun, completely pitch black!

"What's going on? What's happening?"

"What happened? What's going on now?"

The surrounding people shouted endlessly in alarm.

Feng Wu raised her head to look up at the sky. Due to the continuous attack of densely packed Blood Colored Bats, the defensive formation above their heads emitted 'buzz buzz buzz' sounds……

Feng Wu knitted her brows slightly. Her mother hated these kinds of dark, soft, and boneless creatures such as the Blood Bats the most. After she saw them, she definitely won't be able to sleep well for several days and nights.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu truly wanted to say something——

But General Wu already cried out in alarm repeatedly. "Not good! The defensive formation will be breached soon! As long as this layer of protection above our heads is damaged, at that time, thousands upon thousands of flying demonic beasts will charge in. Our entire Winding Peace City will be razed to the ground! ! !"

Feng Wu shot a displeased glance at General Wu. "Then let's fix the defensive formation."

General Wu's complexion was exceptionally ugly. If someone else said that, he would've certainly give them a piece of his mind. However, this Miss Feng……is actually an amazing pill refining master, an incredible, amazing pill refining master. How could he dare to parade his face?

General Wu could only smile bitterly. "Currently, the defensive formation has already been severely damaged. Just now, Formation Master Baili Ling said that it'll only last another three minutes at most——"

"Three minutes? !" General Wu hadn't even finished when Yan Yan already cried out in alarm!

Yan Yan came over to ask General Wu about the battlefield situation. After all, this concerned her own life. Who wouldn't be anxious?

General Wu saw that it was the daughter of the Yan family and a headache came on at once, but he still braced himself as he replied. "Miss Yan——"

Yan Yan waved her hand. "General Wu, I only want to ask you, what did you mean by three minutes?"

Yan Yan acted as if General Wu needed to listen to her orders, exhibiting a very excessively superior attitude.

General Wu knitted his brows, but still honestly answered. "After three minutes, the defensive formation will break down. At that time, the skies will no longer be protected. All of the flying demonic beasts will fly inside. The demonic beasts outside will take advantage of the gap even more so to break inside. All of us……"

"You mean to say that we're going to die? !" Yan Yan rigidly stared at General Wu. "You're saying that after I escaped with my life from Death Canyon with so much difficulty, I'm still going to die? !"

General Wu's expression was cold and detached, solemn and dignified as he corrected her. "It's all of us."

"Then what's to be done? !" Yan Yan stared at General Wu rigidly.

General Wu was someone who'd experienced life and death countless times, therefore his expression was calm as he replied. "We can only hope that before the defensive formation is completely destroyed, Master Ning can bring rescue forces, otherwise……"

Otherwise, everybody could only wait for their deaths.

"What kind of a joke is this!" Yan Yan screamed loudly. "My cousin hasn't left for even an hour. No doubt he currently still hasn't arrived at Peaceful Distant City. How can he bring rescue forces here within the next three minutes? !"

"There's one more hope, but this hope is even more remote."


"Among us, just like how Miss Feng, a mysteriously outstanding pill refining master appeared, if an outstanding formations master appeared, one who can repair the defensive formation to protect us continually until the rescue troops arrive——"

"General Wu, feel your brains. Do you even believe your own words? On this continent, who doesn't know that even though pill refining masters are rare, we're still able to meet them sometimes. However, the existence of formation masters are in fact even rarer than pill refining masters by tens of times! Where are we going to find that uncommon formation master right now? ! Moreover, the rank can't be low either? !"

(Author's Note: PS: Who's the formations master even more precious than a giant panda ha ha ha~

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