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Chapter 190: Not, A, Single, One, Had, Died!

But at this moment, Jiang Yuan's expression changed slightly as he focused on Zhao Wu while he actually spoke to Zhao Qian. "Hurry hurry hurry! Hurry and put Zhao Wu on the bunk!"

"Yes." Zhao Qian immediately took care of it.

"Pill Master Jian……" Pill Master Li was puzzled as he turned to Jiang Yuan, but Jiang Yuan was earnestly and gravely focused on the Zhao Wu who'd lost consciousness.

Jiang Yuan's hand was placed at Zhao Wu's wrist and carefully diagnosing his condition.* Based on this pulse……a complicated expression covered his face.

(*TN: Chinese doctors, especially in olden times, commonly use the wrist pulse to diagnose medical conditions.)

Afraid that he'd made a mistake, Jiang Yuan again took out some specialized equipment. After he examined one thing after another……he inhaled a deep breath.

If it was only this one special patient, then that's still nothing much.

During the following moments, each patient who was carried over all had a slip of paper stuck on their bellies. On the slips of papers were detailed written descriptions of the injuries they received, the treatments already provided, as well as the follow up treatments that were needed.

"This……" Pill Master Li used a kind of extremely complicated gaze to look at Jiang Yuan. "Team Leader Jiang, this this this……"

The rest of the junior pill masters also all used a kind of disbelieving gaze to face Jiang Yuan.

They'd seen skilled pill refining masters, but they'd never seen such an incredible one before!

They originally thought that in handling this task, their hands would be very, very full, with so much work that they'd faint from exhaustion, so busy that the sky and earth would be turned upside down……

Originally, in order to treat an injured person, they'd need at least two hours of time……

That's originally.

However currently, after the addition of this mysterious pill refining master, they only needed to work based on what's written on the slips of paper. Under a quarter of an hour was all they needed to finish taking care of a wounded person. The efficiency was extremely high, so high that it was hard to believe!

Very quickly, the medical treatment for several hundred injured people were all quickly completed by them!

Jiang Yuan immediately pulled at Zhao Qian. "Where is she? I want to go and see her."

Naturally, Zhao Qian didn't refuse as he took Fan Jiang Yuan to find that mysterious young lady.

Even though Jiang Yuan already prepared to adjust his mindset, knowing that this medical expert pill refining master was a young lady, but when he actually saw Feng Wu, he was still in disbelief!

"It's you? The person who rescued the large number of villagers was you?"

Jiang Yuan found Feng Wu at the city wall.

At the moment, Feng Wu was half kneeling on the ground and was stitching up a young man's broken right arm.

"You——" Jiang Yuan saw Feng Wu's usual expression as she was stitching together the broken limb and his eyes instantly opened wide. "Sewing it up like that, is it any good?"

If he hadn't known about the accuracy of those slips of papers and the brilliant medical expertise, Jiang Yuan wouldn't have believed no matter what that a broken arm could become useful after it'd been sewn together using sheep intestine threads.

Feng Wu shot a glance at him.

Zhao Qian had already been won over earlier by Feng Wu's medical expertise. Having heard what was said, he quickly introduced to Feng Wu. "This person is Jiang Yuan, Pill Master Jiang. The care for injured patients had all been provided by Pill Master Jiang leading junior pill masters."

"You're a mid-level pill refining master?" Feng Wu shot him a glance and asked levelly.

"Yes, I wonder you this young lady is?"

Actually, Jiang Yuan already secretly guessed the pill refining rank of this young lady.

Based on Jiang Yuan's initial assessment, among those three hundred critically injured common citizens, there would be at least two hundred fatalities, however……after this young lady took the initiative to provide critical care to them, those common citizens, not a single person had died!

Not, a, single, one, had, died!

This was simply unimaginable!

However, this indeed happened right in front of his eyes.

Based on his Jiang Yuan's own unspoken assessment, Pill Master Ba Junior's ability may not necessarily be as amazing as this young lady's, right?

No no no, Pill Master Ba Junior's medical expertise was absolutely incapable of producing this result. If not, he would've already achieved it previously……

Su La was puzzled as he glanced at Jiang Yuan. "Pill Master Jiang?"

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