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Chapter 184: Her Name——

Along with the homes collapsing, fits of miserable cries transmitted from all around them. It could be gathered how many villagers had already been buried by this earthquake in Winding Peace City!

"Where's everyone? ! Where did all of the personnel go? !" Feng Wu cried out in alarm.

General Wu kneaded the space between his brows. "The demonic beast tide broke out and attempted to break down the gates. A crisis was imminent, therefore the soldiers all went to guard the gates. There aren't any extra pairs of hands to go save people at all."

Ning Chen Xi quickly arranged for his family's guards and townspeople to dig out people who had been buried under their homes. However, everyone who had been dug out were covered with cuts and bruises and could barely breathe. It could be seen with one look that they wouldn't survive……

The mayor of Winding Peace City was filled with anxiety as he watched the scene before him. "The town's pill masters have all been deployed to the city gates. There are countless numbers of soldiers there who needed to be treated. These common people……"

Thinking of the present circumstances, everyone were in despair.

Facing the torrential momentum of the demonic beast tide.

Then with the continual, uninterrupted earthquakes.

A large number of soldiers had been wounded, a great number of townspeople had sustained injuries. There were not enough pill masters and not enough medicines. Could it be that this time, Winding Peace City would truly be done for?

"Have you sent people to ask for aid?" Just when everyone was endlessly worried, Feng Wu was as unruffled as before, cool-headed and calm.

"I've already sent quite a few people, but the demonic beast tide has surrounded us. These few people has, without exception……all died……" General Wu's eyes were pure red as he clenched his fists tightly. "Right now, our superiors still don't know that our casualties are so devastating. If we can send a letter to Quiet Peaceful City, we'll get military help!"

"I'll go!" Ning Chen Xi stood up and volunteered.

"No!" General Wu was the first to object!

"Why not?"

"……Young Master Ning, your identity is precious. This kind of mission is ten parts death and no parts alive. How can we have you take such risks? !"

"Precisely because I'm the city lord's son, that's why I should go! If I don't go, then every single person here will die! If I go, we can have hope, moreover, the city lord of Quiet Peaceful City knows me. Who can compare to me in this respect?"

General Wu. "……"

Ning Chen Xi turned around and said to Feng Wu. "Thanks for saving my mother. Let me properly thank your saving grace when I come back!"

After saying this, Ning Chen Xi turned around and left in large strides.

"Wait wait." Feng Wu called out to Ning Chen Xi. As he turned around, she threw a white bottle of beast repellent chemical at him and said in a level voice. "Repellent medical compound. Even though it can't completely ensure your safety, it can give you some time."

Repellent chemical compound……it's indeed a very precious chemical! Especially during the time a town was besieged by a demonic beast tide. This was equivalent to having an extra life!

Ning Chen Xi was extremely moved as he turned towards Feng Wu. "I……"

Feng Wu nodded at him levelly. Soon after, she turned around and rushed away to rescue wounded people.

When Ning Chen Xi came to his senses after being moved emotionally, her figure before his eyes was already gone.

Ning Chen Xi knitted his brows tightly. This time, it's quite possible that he'd never be able to return after he left, however, up until now, he still didn't know the name of the girl he loved……he's afraid that he'd be regretful even unto death!

However, he saw Feng Yi Ran not far away, and at once, his eyes shined. If he hadn't guessed incorrectly, their relationship wasn't shallow, therefore——

"Her name——" Ning Chen Xi asked.

Feng Liu had been spectating from the start. She naturally knew who Ning Chen Xi was asking about. If one were to say that she wasn't jealous, that's indeed impossible!

Feng Wu brought Madam Ning back to life, and even saved her two children. Furthermore, it was clear that Ning Chen Xi's feelings towards her…..therefore, Feng Yi Ran hadn't answered when the demonically inspired Feng Liu rushed to blurt out. "Feng Liu!"

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