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Chapter 183: Is Her Ability in Medicine That Good?

Feng Wu glared at Madam Yan, however, her pair of hands didn't slow down in the slightest as she quickly brought out another infant from Madam Ning's belly.

Madam Yan had always been staring at Feng Wu's hands as she cried out. "There truly is a baby girl. There truly is……the umbilical cord is winding around her neck, you you you——"

Previously, this young girl didn't even check her younger sister's pulse, yet she already came to this conclusion. And right now, everything that's happening was exactly the same as what she'd claimed. This couldn't merely be a coincidence, right?

Feng Wu took this small bodied baby girl that was like a little kitten and placed it inside the swaddling clothes that Qiu Ling had prepared. Soon after, she quickly sewed together the wound in Madam Ning's belly.

"Both of these babies haven't cried……" Madam Yan was first frightened by Madam Ning's condition, then was scared stiff by Feng Wu's method of treatment. Right now, her entire body was somewhat stunned as she turned towards Feng Wu and begged for help. "What's to be done? These two children……"

Even Madam Yan herself wasn't aware that she was currently filled with confidence towards Feng Wu……

There were already five more needles in Feng Wu's hand. When she looked again, the needles had already all been inserted into the baby girl's body.

Head, throat, heart, belly, navel……soon after, Feng wu waved her hand and the five needles started to tremble violently!

In the next second——

"Waah——" The baby girl emitted the sound of a wail.

It's just that her body was small and weak, therefore even though she cried, it was like the meowing of a small kitten.

Feng Wu took the baby boy in Madam Yan's hand and inserted two needles into him. Thereafter, the baby boy also cried loudly!

"My child……my children……" Madam Ning turned towards Feng Wu and extended her hand.

Feng Wu took the two children and allowed Madam Ning to hold them, one on each side. She breathed out a mouthful of air and faintly smiled. "I haven't betrayed your trust, the two children have both been saved——"

"This is not possible!" Pill Master Ba Junior heard the sound of infants crying transmitted from inside and his whole brain became stunned. How's it possible? ! How's this possible?

When Pill Master Ba Junior rushed inside, he took large strides and rushed to face Madam Ning.

Seeing the weakly breathing yet conscious Madam Ning, then seeing the two babies crying, Pill Master Ba Junior's entire brain became blank. He couldn't believe it as he felt Madam Ning's pulse.

"The ribs above the heart had been realigned. The damaged heart had also been restored. The bleeding at the lower part of the body had been stopped. The two babies have been delivered smoothly. This……" Pill Master Ba Junior looked at Feng Wu as if he'd seen a ghost (seen something unbelieve). "This, this, this, how's this possible? ! Even my grandfather can't accomplish this! Who in the world are you? !"

Madam Yan and Yan Yan were also looking at Feng Wu in a strange manner at the moment. She, who in the world was she?

Outside the door, Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu received the news and their entire bodies were stunned in place……

"How's this possible? How's it possible that her……is her ability in medicine that good?" Feng Liu clenched her fists. Her eyes were full of disbelief and she absolutely couldn't be convinced that Feng Wu had that kind of medical expertise!

Feng Yi Ran also furrowed his brows. "In those days, reputedly, there were some extremely precious pill in her hands……"

"No wonder!" Feng Liu, who'd always deceived herself, finally found an excuse as she laughed coldly. "No wonder she was able to cure Madam Ning. It was all due to those pills, and not due to her own efforts, exactly!"

Feng Yi Ran was somewhat uncertain as he nodded his head.

Just at this time, 'boom', 'rumble', the ground shook violently.

Feng Wu's expression immediately turned sour as she quickly rushed outside.

Sure enough——the homes in Winding Peace City actually were collapsing at a speed visible to the naked eye……

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