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Chapter 182: Truly Unable to Accomplish Anything But Liable to Spoil Everything……

This meant……she revived?

Yan Yan finally noticed that there were three needles inserted in Madam Ning's stomach. At this moment, the tail of the needles were even shaking continually.

"I'm……" Madam Ning was extremely weak and her voice was as light as a feather as she turned to Feng Wu and smiled bitterly. "I dreamt that I died……and walked to the side of a bridge. I was about to drink a bowl of 'forgetful soup'*, but was slapped awake by you all of a sudden……"

(*TN: In Chinese myths, dead people will be given a bowl of 'forgetful soup' to forget all about their past life before they're reincarnated.)

Madam Yan rigidly held Madam Ning's hand as her tears fell straight down, but wasn't that so true? Just now, Pill Master Ba Junior declared that she was already dead……

Feng Wu said. "Madam Ning, what's most important now is for you to conserve your strength. Therefore, close your eyes and rest for awhile. Let me handle everything else."

Outside, Ning Chen Xi and General Wu heard Madam Ning's voice and it was as if they'd heard the sound of heaven!

She's truly been brought back to life? !

Pill Master Ba Junior still found it hard to believe as he opened his eyes wide. "How's this possible? ! She clearly stopped breathing. Her pulse also stopped……she clearly already died……clearly already died……"

At present, Madam Ning was pulling Feng Wu's hand. "……If possible……please save my children……please agree to this……"

Feng Wu shook her head. "Not merely the children, I can also save your life. Please don't worry."

While she was speaking, a 'churrttt' sound emitted. The dagger in Feng Wu's hand was slashed across Madam Ning's belly!


Blood splashed, splattered on Yan Yan's entire face!

You did this on purpose! Yan Yan glowered at Feng Wu! She was going to speak, but Madam Yan covered her mouth and glared at her with a warning look!

And at this moment, a pair of Feng Wu's nimble and flexible fingers penetrated deeply into the heart as a faintly green light streaked across Feng Wu's fingertips. This is a distinctive healing light that only a pill refining master possessed!

Madam Ning's heart had originally been ruptured, but the speed with which it's being restored was visible to the naked eye.

Right now, time was actually Feng Wu's biggest enemy. Therefore, without waiting for each rib to heal properly, Feng Wu then quickly sewed Madam Ning's thoracic cavity together. The entire process took less than a minute.

"Is it fine now?" Madam Yan frowned as she stared at Feng Wu.

She only saw Feng Wu's hand move several times around Madam Ning's belly. Before she could see what's going on clearly, the procedure was already completed.

Feng Wu didn't respond to her question, instead, the dagger in her hand already aimed Madam Ning's swollen belly.

"What are you doing? !" Madam Yan cried out in alarm.

Was she going to kill? !

Feng Wu ignored her as that dagger with an edge as thin as a cicada's wing streaked across. The wound wasn't very long at all. Soon after, Feng Wu then took the dagger and handed it to Qiu Ling at her side.

Her pair of hands extended into Madam Ning's belly.

"Aahh——" Yan Yan was so spooked she jumped. How could she be so rough and ruthless!

She couldn't accept this. She turned around and puked.

Madam Yan stared at Feng Wu even more tenaciously. She couldn't be thinking that the child could just be fished out like that, right? Was she insane?

Madam Yan guessed correctly.

In the next second——

A chubby little baby boy was brought out in Feng Wu's pair of hands as she shot a glance at Madam Yan. "Swaddling clothes."

"Uh, uh uh——" Madam Yan brain had been completely blanked out by Feng Wu's actions. She finally reacted and quickly produced some swaddling clothes that had already been prepared earlier and placed this entirely purple baby boy inside the swaddling clothes.

"But, why's he not crying?" Madam Ning's finger felt for the baby's breathing. No breath!

Madam Yan was alarmed as she felt for the baby's pulse!

It was same, there wasn't any movement whatsoever!

"Dead infant! This is a dead infant!" Madam Yan immediately was alarmed and loosened her hands. The infant nearly dropped out of her hands.

Truly unable to accomplish anything, but liable to spoil everything……Feng Wu inhaled deeply and fiercely glared at Madam Yan. "If you were to drop it, it'll truly turn into a dead infant!"

Author's note: PS: Four more chapters finished. Next prediction: Take a guess, do you think the male lead will appear? Ha ha ha~not telling you guys~

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