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Chapter 178: With Single Leg Lift, She Kicked Her Away

Feng Wu hadn't spoken when Yan Yan glared at Feng Wu. "Let us commandeer your horse carriage. Just tell us how much money you need!"

Feng Wu glanced at Yan Yan as if she was an idiot. She ignored Yan Yan as she frowned and said to Ning Chen Xi. "Hurry and carry Madam Ning into our horse carriage. Madam Ning's condition can not be delayed. We need to set off immediately!"

Seeing that Yan Yan also wanted to get onto the carriage, with a single leg lift, she kicked her away.

"You——" Yan Yan couldn't believe it as she watched herself getting kicked into retreating a few steps. She pointed at Feng Wu. "You didn't save me just now and allowed branches to damage my face. I already temporarily let it slide. Now you drove me away from the horse carriage? ! You even kicked me? ! You surprisingly dare to kick me! Do you know who I am?"

"I don't care who you are. My horse carriage indeed will not carry you. If you have the ability then take a bite at me!" After she spoke, Feng Wu waved her whip and the horse carriage sped forward!

"You you you, stop for me, stop——" Yan Yan was going crazy!

Behind them was the surging and falling demonic beast tide. She was unexpectedly kicked off the horse carriage like that……her father was the Minister of Appointments as well as the Minister of the Military! ! !

Feng Wu laughed coldly. "You're too heavy. The carriage won't hold. If you want to live then run with your own legs!"

After she spoke, Feng Wu brandished her whip, and the horses dashed forward!

Yan Yan was so angry that she nearly went insane!

She would never have expected that Feng Wu surprisingly would truly make her run!

This girl! I'll definitely kill you in the future! Yan Yan hated her to the core as she thought about this!

On the one hand, Ning Chen Xi was anxious about Madam Ning. On the other hand, he was worried about those two speeding horses. He asked nervously. "Will they go mad? What're we going to do if they were to go wild?

"They won't." Feng Wu looked displeased as she concentrated on hastening with their journey.

Under this kind of condition, only she could push these two Ferghana horses to run at their maximum speeds.

Madam Ning's head leaned on Ning Chen Xi's body as she watched how under this kind of situation, this young girl could still drive the horses so steadily. The admiration in her heart increasingly grew as she said to Ning Chen Xi. "If you look carefully, you'll discover that the ears of those two Ferghana horses have been plugged up."

Because their ears had been sealed, they couldn't hear any noises and their hearts also couldn't become frightened.

Who in the world's daughter was she, to be born with such a nimble and clever mind.

Madam Ning had always been looking behind her, because Yan Yan was still taking large steps with her legs as she ran ran ran!

Many times, Yan Yan wanted to open her mouth and beg Feng Wu, however, her ego prevented her mouth from opening.

Fortunately, Yan Yan's speed wasn't slow. The instinct to survive even made her burst out with an unprecedented physical strength. With difficulty, she was still able to chase after them on the road!

Rumble! Rumble!

In the sky, lightning flashed!

Countless numbers of flashes of lightning struck down all together!

Raindrops as big as beans rolled down.

The big mountain at the distance tumbled like a mudslide!

Madam Yan looked at the area that Needs Full Temple was at. That place was already turned over by the earthquake early on. The entire mountain peak no longer existed……

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but turned her head around and glanced at Feng Wu. Did this girl truly have the skills, or was it based on luck?

However, thinking about Feng Wu's firm and decisive methods……Madam Ning knitted her brows once again.

Feng Wu piloted this horse carriage on the entire journey and avoid countless numbers of pit holes and debris which slid down from the mountain. At last, she drove the carriage to quickly head into Winding Peace City.

And at this moment, their distance from the demonic beasts wasn't even one kilometer!

"Open the guard gates! Hurry and open the guard gates!" Ning Chen Xi charged out and immediately a lord inspector's command badge was thrown in.

If it was other people, the gatekeeper probably wouldn't open, because the demonic beast tide was too close and too dangerous!

However, how could they dare to slight Peaceful Remote Province lord inspector's command badge?

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