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Chapter 177: My Face Has Been Scratched……

"My Lady, the demonic beast tide has broken out! It truly has broken out!" Qiu Ling deeply inhaled and covered up the panic in her heart.

Feng Wu responded. "Don't worry. We're taking a shortcut. It won't take us too much time to reach Winding Peace City after turning into this small road. As long as we've descend this mountain road, there'll be wide and open level ground after. At that time, even if there's an earthquake, there won't be any serious consequences."

"Mm!" Qiu Ling clenched her fists.

No matter how difficult the situation was, as long as her mistress was present, Qiu Ling felt relieved.

From the carriage window, she looked outside and saw the scene taking place at the high cliff. Her eyeballs nearly popped out. "My Lady, quick look! It's Madam Ning's group's horse carriage! They've fallen down from the cliff!"

Feng Wu lifted her head to look and her eyes instantly constricted!

Falling down from that elevation, Madam Ning's group would certainly die!

Thinking of this, Feng Wu immediately jumped down from her carriage and said to Qiu Ling. "You guys hide a bit further away. I'll come back soon!"

Madam Ning's carriage was falling down and waited for no man!*

(*TN: Similar to 'time waits for no man'. No one is so powerful that they could stop the march of time.)

Feng Wu's sight swept through and saw a large tree trunk. At once, her figure was just like electricity and as quick as a monkey as it leap up onto the tree!

Just as the horse carriage tumbled by, she flung the whip in her hand towards a corner of the carriage and ferociously pulled!

Crash crash crash——

The carriage instantly turned into wood shavings, and the people inside the carriage, after they were held back a bit, their bodies were displaced by Feng Wu. They, who were originally falling straight down, were tumbling onto the dense branches right now, one after another.

Feng Wu was only able use the whip to grab onto Madam Ning. Everyone else fell onto the tree tops and afterwards, 'crash crash crash' they again tumbled down. Thump thump thump, they smashed onto the ground.

But because there were branches and dense leaves to act as a cushion, even though they fell to the ground, and made a big fuss about the pain, their wounds were not considered to be fatal.

Feng Wu carried Madam Ning firmly and lightly put her down on the ground.

Madam Ning saw Feng Wu and a pleasantly surprised expression appeared on her pale face. "I haven't died?"

Feng Wu nodded. "Even though you haven't died, however, Madam Ning, your condition is not very good. In the process of falling down, you've broken five ribs. The broken rib even pierced your heart. Your heart is currently bleeding incessantly."

Madam Ning forced a smile. "No wonder I feel such a heavy pressure inside along with a swelling, a difficult to bear pain……"

Feng Wu smiled bitterly. Madam Ning truly had a big heart. She's already in such a predicament yet could still smile.

"It's not merely the problem with the ribs, there's also the unborn children in your belly. Their situation is also not good——" Feng Wu furrowed her brows.

Ning Chen Xi frantically freed himself as he rushed over. He anxiously turned towards Feng Wu. "Is mother's condition very bad right now? Then what's to be done?"

Feng Wu knitted her brows and replied. "Right now, the best thing to do is to immediately provide emergency medical care. However, it's very clear that with a demonic beast tide like this, to provide emergency care at the scene is to give away our lives."

Even though Feng Wu had the beast repellent compounds, she actually only tested it on the wolf pack. As far as the other demonic beasts were concerned, it might not be userful. What's more, in the face of a demonic beast tide, any kind of chemical would be of no use.

"Aah, my face. My face has been scratched……" Yan Yan covered her face. Seeing the blood in her hand, she cried loudly.

Feng Wu took off her outer garments at once and ripped it into strips and provided simple first aid to Madam Ning as she said. "The current situation is not conducive to saving lives. We need to enter Winding Peace City as quickly as possible. Maybe there'll be an opportunity for us to fight for survival there."

"Ok!" After that, Ning Chen Xi was again struck dumb. "Our horse carriage……"

When they fell previously, their horses already fell to their deaths, their carriage already shattered into wood shavings……depending only on their legs, how could they outrun those herds of crazy demonic beasts?

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